Friday, November 17, 2017


I am alive with the fullness of life.
I am breathing fully and freely.
Every breath fills me with life energy.
I awaken and renew the Spirit of life in me.


Breathe fully and freely.
Breathe in Love.
Breathe out Love.
Breathe fully and freely what is needed to be given and received.

We need to take in the best and let go of the rest.
Life is meant to be fully lived.
Be alive with the Spirit of Love.
Inhale what fills you with life energy.

Share what is enlivening with all around you.
Clear the air with your forgiveness.
Let go of what is no longer of value.
Release what is limiting and lacking.

Fill up with the fullness of life.
Share the best within you.
Undo the withholds.
Share all the best of live within you.

Breathe slowly and deeply.
Allow the bounty of life’s goodness to fill you.
Deepen your connect with life.
Inspire yourself with your breath.

Fill up with Spirit.
Fill up with Love.
Fill up with Goodness.
Fill up and be grateful.

Breathing is our connection with life.
Breathing is our Source of fulfillment.
Breathing is our release of what no longer is.
Breathing is our relinquishment of holding back.

We are breathers of life.
We are breathers of Beauty.
We are breathers of Source.
We are breathers of Peace.

Let us fully breathe in all that is Good, inspiring and Whole.
Let us fully enjoy the breath of life and love and light.
Let us give thanks for every breath as we receive and share.
Let us appreciate ourselves for sharing the breath of life.

Loving you and all for sharing this life with me.
Betty Lue