Monday, November 20, 2017

The Power of Love

I remember to Love no matter what.
Love restores my peace and happiness.
I choose to allow Love to heal me.
Love is the way I live in gratitude.

Power of Love.

There is nothing more powerful than Love.
Love is the fullness of creation.
Love is the way we are fulfilled.
Love is unlimited potential.

When we let go of fear, we know unconditional love.
When we forgive our mistakes, we remember Love.
When we realize our healing purpose, we recognize Love.
When we have become aware of our Source, we know Love.

Love is our purpose and our path.
Love is the way we live in gratitude.
Love is awakening to the power within.
Love is our trust potential manifest.

This Love is inspired and spiritual.
This Love is healing and holy.
This Love is our true Thanks Giving.
This Love is from our innocence and inner sense.

Consider how you will be when you erase what you judge.
Imagine how willing you will be when you give All Good.
Open to what you will see when you look beneath the judgments.
Allow yourself to trust what is within you to be healed.

Love is freedom to create all Good.
Love is trust to see what is in the heart.
Love is the knowledge to be aware of no limits.
Love is the wisdom to give all in Abundance.

Unconditional Love is beyond what the mind can conceive.
Unlimited Love is our willingness to believe all is possible.
Spiritual Love knows freedom and trust in Goodness and Mercy.
When we can trust in all possibilities, we are free to know Peace.

Love is natural.
Love is peaceful.
Love is joy filled.
Love is limitless.

As we forgive and erase our judgment and fear we know true Love.
Let us recognize and clear the blocks to the awareness of Love.
Let us return to what is Love within us and All that is.
Reminding you of the Love You Are.
Betty Lue