Sunday, October 15, 2017

Getting Caught Up!

I forgive myself for being unavailable to help.
I allow my inner guidance to show me how to be truly helpful.
I share my love by seeking to see things differently.
I join in positive prayer to find a better way for the Good.

Contagious Emotions

Are you an “empath”?
Do you get caught up in others’ feelings?
Do you find yourself feeling what others are feeling?
If you find you have their fear and their pain, you are taking on their energy.

What or with whom we associate, we strengthen in ourselves.
What we perceive in others, we will strengthen in ourselves.
We are beings who feel, connect and even long to belong.
When we join with others, we often unconsciously join with them.

If this does harm to you, it may be time to undo this habit.
If this is confusing to you, it may be we need to forgive ourselves.
If you take on others’ energies, we may need to distance ourselves.
We can feel for others to be helpful without needing to live their lives.

There are healers, therapists, family members who feel those they help.
There are friends and whole cultures who take on the energies of others.
As human family we often want to sympathize and empathize for those we know.
It is our way of caring and sharing pain and sorrow, grief and even anger.

What we feel for others may be too strong to handle.
What we feel with others may seem like ours individually.
What we feel in our caring and sharing may be too strong to handle.
What we feel in our desire to feel may be overwhelming and make us sick.

To be truly helpful consider how you want to feel.
To affect positive change, consider what you can do.
To share in the feelings see what you can learn.
To make a difference listen for what you can do.

Caring feelings allows us to have greater understanding.
Being a helper invites us to learn and be more helpful.
When we can feel what is being shared, we can access more resources.
When we more accurately empathize or sympathize, we are more present.

Overwhelming feelings can make it difficult to help effectively.
Being distracted and distressed may limit access to rational choices.
Falling into despair or depression may interfere with spiritual wisdom.
Joining with another’s hopelessness may actually may increase and make it worse.

Consider being the helper by using your own spiritual resources.
Be the one who uplifts, seeks the light and allows hope and faith.
Step away in consciousness to find a better way and see things differently.
Change the channel and be the guide to let go and find a higher outcome.

In our helpfulness we can lead the way to higher ground and shared love and faith.
Betty Lue