Saturday, August 26, 2017

Be Effective!

I conscientiously choose to do what works for the best for all.
I love to be effective and successful for win-win solutions.
I take exquisite care of myself mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.
What is best for me inspires others to be their best.

Does It Work?

If what you do works, keep doing it.
If what you do doesn’t work, stop and do something better.
If you don’t see the results you want, choose again.
To keep doing the same thing expecting a different result is foolish.

If you don’t know any better, learn from someone who does.
Ask for help from those who have a life that works.
Read from books and then experiment to see what works.
Watch people who are happy and peaceful how to do better.

Seems logical and smart to find a better way.
When you pray or affirm, seek a better way.
When you listen and learn, search for a better way.
When you get hurt or offended, look for a better way.

Stop complaining and start appreciating
Stop demanding and start asking for help.
Stop blaming and begin to forgive  your negativity.
Stop doing the same thing, and explore something different.

Parents and teachers need to learn to value what our kids and youth are saying.
Leaders and bosses need to learn from what employees are requesting.
Families need to learn how to take time to affirm and honor one another.
Everyone must begin by taking impeccable care of their own needs first.

When hungry, tired and angry, we are not helpful or effective.
When we take care of our own needs, we are open to find better ways.
When we express blame and criticism, threats and demands, we are not effective.
When we are reactive with fear and harm, we are not effective with ourselves and others.

It is time to see what works.
When peaceful, discerning and helpful, we can always find a better way.
When we see a positive goal, with persistence, we will find  an effective way.
Notice how you talk to others and seek to be respectful, kind and helpful.

You can always do better with your intention to create what is good for all.
You can always choose to be happy and helpful when you relate at home and work.
You can always be your best when you care for your own needs first.
You can always find the right way to live, love, learn and appreciate.

Pause and breathe more.
Step away and listen within to seek help and wisdom.
Stop and forgive your harmful and reactive behavior.
Choose again for what is good and healthy for all.

Loving us in doing what is right and good and effective for all.
Betty Lue