Monday, June 26, 2017

You Can Change!

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I change easily for the good.
I forgive all errors and choose again for correction.
I consistently choose for positive change.

You Can Change!

Change is your choice.
You can change what you think.
You can change what you feel.
You can change how you behave.

When we know better, we can do better.
When we pay attention to what we think, we can change it.
When we notice how we feel, we can choose different feelings.
When we observe our behavior, we can act differently.

We all have options in our attitude and behavior.
When we think, feel and act the same, we will have the same experiences.
When we change anything, the results will change.
We are the change agents in our own life, relationships, finances and health.

Wherever you are unhappy or frustrated, make a change……any change.
Notice the results and refine the changes.
Life is an experiment to discover what works best for you.
Your family’s choices may not be best for you.

The recipe for what you want needs to be your own.
We all need to be good chemists when we cook or bake.
Taste what you prepare and then adjust the ingredients.
If you want your life to taste good, keep refining what you put in.

You are the master chef and culinary chemist.
You care the change agent in your life.
When what you are preparing for yourself is not working, start over with a new recipe.
Learn more and refine more to create the best for yourself.

Consider yourself a victim of others doing and you will not be happy.
Consider your dependency and blame on others, and you will feel needy and disempowered.
Consider your sense of helplessness or lack, littleness and limitation and you will feel weak.
Consider your ability to change your mind, change your words and changes your interactions.

You can capable of change on every level.
Change one thought and all others will change.
Changing even one aspect of life in a positive direction and everything will benefit.
You can make a significant different in your own life and therefore in the lives of others.

Choose for what you want to be and see, give and receive, teach and learn.
Choose to be grateful.
Choose to be peaceful.
Choose to be kind.

Every change will impact all aspects of your life today.
Blessings to us all,
Betty Lue

Four Agreements.  (by Don Miguel Ruiz)
  1. Make No Assumptions. 
  2. Keep Your Agreements. 
  3. Take Nothing Personally. 
  4. Always Give Your Best.