Sunday, June 25, 2017

Choose Peace

I choose my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
I choose peaceful responses to have more peace.
I live in a peaceful home and work place.
I choose no harm with my thoughts, words or choices.

Choose Peace

If you want Peace, Choose Peace.
If you want Quiet, Be still.
If you want Love, Be Love.
If you want Fun, Safe and Easy, Be Happy, Loving and Peaceful.

Are we ready to understand we create our own experience?
Do we know how we affect others and how they relate to us?
Can we see the ways we teach others to be in our presence?
Perhaps now we can align with our own choice and make it so.

What do you believe about the life you have chosen?
Have you enjoyed conflict and arguing?
Do you like noisy chaotic experiences?
Are you a drama-lover and creator?

Look around you.
What do you see?
What do you hear?
How do you react?

You can change it.
You can see beauty.
You can hear quiet.
You can choose peace.

Peace is an option.
Your mind can seek peace.
Your emotions can be calmed.
Your breathing can be even and quiet.

Some fear peace will bring lethargy.
Some avoid peace and what may happen.
Some define peace as lifeless and empty.
Some recognize peace is healing and renewing.

From the depths of you there is peace.
In the quiet there are answers.
Within the stillness there is wisdom.
Listen within and know you are love.

I can choose peace instead of pain, chaos and conflict.
I choose peace.
I find great love, freedom and wisdom in Peace. 
My single goal is the Peace of God (Goodness).

I value the Good in us all.
Betty Lue