Sunday, February 05, 2017

What Do You See?

I love you just the way you really are.
I know Love created us all to be Loving.
I see in you what is good and whole and true.
I forgive myself for believing in limitation and lack.

What Do You See?

Some look for good and some look for mistakes.
Some are focused on what went well and others on what went wrong.
Some are fixed on the past and others focus on the future.
And some just want to see what is.

I find people seem to be looking for something that is wrong with themselves and others.
When we focus on errors, we find more of them.
When we focus on our past, we keep experiencing it
When we keep telling the same story, we relive it both in our minds and in our current lives.

Isn’t it time we saw how we repeat and get stuck in the history?
Can’t we see we cannot get beyond the story we tell, when we remember it constantly?
Our experience keeps repeating itself in our telling.
We must see beyond what has been to see what can be.

I have noticed that folks want me to believe how broken they are.
Some people want me to focus on others’ criticisms of them.
Some defend against what they continue to believe.
Some simply do not see how they interfere with their own clearing and healing.

When we hear and believe opinions of experts, we often live them without questioning.
Children often believe the teacher or parent who declares “You are clumsy or slow or a liar”.
What we hear often defines our future experience until we delete, forgive and clear it all.
We really do not know what is possible for ourselves and others.

I see myself loveable, loving and worthy of love.
I see you wholly loveable, loving and worthy of being loved.
I recognize that what I hold to be true in me, And must be true of you.
I see we are all in this together as valuable, learning and loving beings.

What I choose to see in you is your unlimited, creative and powerful conscious Self.
I know you and all of us can be what we seek to be with our ability to forgive and choose again.
I recognize my whole self in us all, only to be released from our judgments and fear.
I realize we all are learning and discovering the highest and best within us all.

What are we afraid of discovering?
Are we resistant to experiencing true happiness and inner peace?
Are we fearful of realizing we have kept the best away from ourselves?
Is it our time to see and be what we seek within us?

Let us forgive our arrogance, resentments and fears to get clear.
Let us bless our journey of healing and humility into Love.
Let us seek for what is true, good and whole.
Let us remember Love and return to wholeness.

Loving you as I love myself,
Betty Lue