Saturday, February 04, 2017

Believing Is Seeing!

I live and share the best I know.
My life is my expression of the truth I believe and live.
I choose to listen within to discern what is real.
I ingest the best and forgive the rest.

What Do You Believe?

Do you believe in good and bad?
Do you believe in right and wrong?
Do you believe in truth and lies?
Do you believe in love and fear?

Perhaps you believe in both?
If both exist, how do you tell?
If you believe there are falsehoods, how do you discern?
It is our responsibility to check out what really is.

Some say we see what we believe.
Some say we perceive what is already in our minds.
Some believe until we change our minds, we will continue to be convinced.
So what do we want to believe and see and perceive?’

Judges, mediators, leaders and therapists are charged with seeing with an open mind.
How can you see what really is, if we all have a judging mind?
Can we see things clearly if we have positions we hold and defend?
Is there a way to step away from what we want to be to really see what is?

It seems we are being challenged to look and listen more closely.
It appears that opposing positions are giving us clear alternatives.
And yet, it may not be as simply as yes or no, right or wrong.
Perhaps we are to step away and see what is being told for us to believe.

People teach and preach what they want others to believe.
Children do not see the lies, but rather say what will keep them out of trouble.
Sometimes we even imagine that what we seek to see really exists.
Adults do the same without realizing how our words may come to be.

Indeed if we are creating our reality, what we believe we may be creating.
And if we are seeing what we want to see, we have already imagined it into being real.
So let us ask ourselves, what does confronting lies do for our desired reality?
Are we here to create what we want to be so?

Peace and war are choices we can believe and see.
Love and hate seem to be two alternatives from which to choose.
Are we believing and teaching FEAR and victimization?
Are we trusting in the choice for LOVE and our right to choose?

It is our time to consciously choose what we seek and speak to be our truth.
It is our right to express our chosen reality.
It is in these times we can realize our part in what we believe.
Believe in the highest and best outcome with open-minded perspective.

Choose wisely what you would believe, express and experience.
Loving us all in our learning,
Betty Lue

Healing Our Projections => Seeing Only Wholeness

1.  We perceive what we believe.
2.  We believe what we think we are.
3.   If I believe I am my past, then I believe you are your past.
4.   Believing in my past is to see and live it over again in all I see and do and am.
5.   Believing in your past is to remember it and continue to blame you for it.
6.  The more I feel guilty about my past, the more I place blame on you.
7.  All anger is my guilt projected onto others.
8.  To forgive my past is to release it.
9.  To release is to see it no more.
10.As I release my past, I release others from my projected guilt and self-judgment.
11. As I see myself whole, I see wholeness in others.
12 .As I heal my guilt about past mistakes, I heal my fear of the future.
13. To be in the present is to heal (erase) the past.
14. As I live in the present and love myself as I am now, I like you in the present and see you as you are now.
15. In this present moment, there is only Love for ourselves, each other and all that is.