Friday, January 27, 2017

Family Guide

I offer my family the best in me.
I give myself a “time-out” when I need to calm myself.
I nurture and nourish my self and my family with healthy meals.
I treat everyone with the kindness, love and respect.

Family Guide

Do you know how to build a true Healthy Family?
Have you ever experienced what you really want?
Do you know how to demonstrate and teach healthy relationships?
Have you received and given the Love you deserve?

If you have what you want, no need to read this .
If you have not, it is time to learn and earn the love, trust and respect you deserve.
If you know how to parent, partner and participate, you can be happy for all you know and do.
If you don’t know how to take care of you and those you love, start here to learn.

Safety and security are essential for the functional foundation of family.
This means proper food prepared with love and appreciation.
This means having what you need to eat and drink.
This means having good rejuvenating rest.

Make sure no one is hungry and eats in a calm kind environment.
This means no yelling, clean food prepared on time without news and eating around the TV.
When people are distracted when eating, they don’t appreciate and enjoy the food.
There needs to be easy conversation, in a family setting with people sharing good feelings.

When people are well fed and well rested, they do better in every way.
Good rest in a quiet clean environment is healthful.
Going to bed early so you can get up without an alarm or need to be awoken.
Having a quiet time before bed with kind words of comfort and appreciation.

Begin with the basics for healthy bodies and happy minds.
Ensure children and adults are treated with care and kindness.
Speak with respect to one another.
Be helpful and respond to others in loving ways.

There is no need yelling or demanding where there is mutual respect.
Everyone can learn from the adults who are kind and respectful.
Children trust parents who are safe in how they behave and speak.
Children respond to what adults say and do consistently.

Consider giving your self and others time out to calm and center yourself.
Consider speaking the way you want to be spoken to.
Consider teaching by example and learning what is a better way.
Adults lead by example when they behave in a mature safe way.

Regular meals at regular time is important for bodies to thrive.
Regular sleep at regular time is healthy for minds and bodies to rest well.
Calming environment is essential for no anxiety and positive feelings.
Speak clearly and concisely in a quiet environment to be heard.

This is just the beginning of good connection and easy connection with everyone.
Give your best to those you love,
Betty Lue

Go to this link and listen to “Parenting Tips from Children”

Responsibilities for Adults (From Betty Lue)
Suggestion: Always begin with Being as Responsible as a Child (see below)
Do you know how to think, speak and behave consciously?
Do you know how to treat others with respect and kindness?
Are you willing to learn to be responsible in all relationships?
Do you know the difference between right and wrong?

Treat others as you want to be treated.
Forgive everyone and everything, for all time, including yourself.
Be courteous and helpful.
Give your best, no matter what others do.
Make no assumptions, and recognize you do not know.
Keep your agreements and your promise to yourself and others.
Take turns in your interactions and following procedures.
Be fair in your decisions and choose what is good for all concerned.
Eliminate all cruelty or destructive thoughts, words or behaviors.

Think of others as you want to be thought of.
Stop judging, complaining and gossiping.
Stop negatively thinking about yourself and others.
Forgive and erase all thoughts and behaviors that are hurtful.

Speak to others as you want to be spoken to.
Use “please” and “thank you”, even with children.
Talk in a pleasant tone of voice to everyone.
Stop demanding and expecting: respectfully request.
Don’t pretend you know, when you don’t know.

Responsible Behaviors
Eradicate addictive behavior and create healthy choices.
Clean up after yourself, in your relationships and your home.
Follow through on your plans, projects and promises.
Clean your house and car, your mind and messages.
Treat the environment and earth with conscious respect.
Stop excessive spending and Save your money.
Be respectful of the people and possessions in your life.
No drunkenness or disorderly behavior.
No swearing or name-calling.
Never abuse unhealthy food, drink or drugs.
Stop expecting others to do for you what you don’t do.
Live with respectful words, kind thoughts and positive behavior in clean home.