Friday, January 06, 2017

Conscious Choice

I relinquish blame and guilt and learn to choose again.
I take responsibility for the choices I make.
I easily forgive, change and delete mistakes.
I learn from everyone and everything.

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Choose Consciously!

Conscious Living is choosing what is effective and works.
Conscious Loving is choosing what feels loving and kind.
Conscious Healing is contributing what is helpful and healthy.
Conscious Communication is sharing what brings people greater understanding.

Do we pay attention to what works for ourselves and others?
Do we notice what feels loving and kind for each individual?
Do we give our best to be helpful, healing and healthy?
Do we share what creates more clarity and connection?

We have an unlimited opportunity to choose again and again.
We can choose to sleep and be unconscious and unaware.
We can choose to wake up and be fully aware.
We are responsible for our choices.

With more consciousness we have more responsibility.
With conscious responsibility we start learning.
With conscious responsibility we stop blaming.
With conscious responsibility we make changes.

When we recognize we are choosing, we take responsibility.
When we realize, “no choice is still a choice”, we can choose again.
When we remember we can change our mind, we can wake up.
When we are aware that all our choices make a difference, we become conscious.

This is a great time to make a difference in our own lives.
This year we can choose where and how we want to make a difference.
We can choose to sleep part time or all the time.
We can choose to be fully responsible for all our choices.

What do you want to do this year?
When do you want to do it?
Who is responsible for the doing?
How are you going to begin?

When you are aware of the blocks, excuses and justification, you begin to be responsible.
When you change your thoughts, words and actions today, you have become responsible.
When you are will to take full responsibility for what is yours to do or not, you are conscious.
When you actually make changes from a place of conscious choice, you are responsible.

Thanks for being awake and aware.
Thanks for caring and sharing what is yours to do.
Thanks for living your truth with conscious responsibility.
Thanks for being open and willing to do what is for you to do.

Loving you,
Betty Lue