Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Be Of Courage!

I learn quickly and easily.
I trust the Love within me.
I follow the path of peace.
I see and do what is mine.

Look and See!

Look and see.
Listen and learn.
Speak and act.
Don’t hide from the truth!

Your truth is your perception of what is.
Another’s truth is their perception of what is.
Our perceptions are all unique.
We see through our own viewpoint, emotions, experiences, prejudices and opinions.

Be willing to see things differently.
Be open to see what is needed.
Be curious about what is another’s beliefs and judgments.
Our hopes and fears, our responses and reactions, judgments and criticism all distort our perception.

Our desire and courage help us look more deeply.
Let us stop, look and listen more openly before we react.
Let us ask, inquire, learn, and listen within before we judge.
This is a time for trust and tolerance as we move forward.

When you are moved to act, trust yourself.
As you are called to speak up, share your position.
When you want to know more, research and learn motivation.
We are here together to each and all play our parts,.

It is together that we come to see more of what is.
The eight blind men each had their own perspective on the elephant.
We each have our own view of the many diverse pieces of the whole.
Only as we discover and share can we recognize what we seem to perceive.

In our acceptance of personal truth and perspective, we can begin to recognize what seems to be.
Arguing to be right gets us fixed on our personal position to “WIN”.
We each have something to share and some way to care.
Let us begin to understand we all will WIN or LOSE together.

When we are complaining and fighting, no one benefits.
When we are at war with  the need to be right, we make others “wrong”.
When we think about an outcome that feels “safe” for everyone, we being to see things differently.
Choose to be courageous and think with your heart.

What can I learn?
How can I serve the greater Good?
What can I do?

Listen to your heart and do as you are inspired to do.
I do.......Do You?
Betty Lue