Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Your Time

I use my life to awaken, inspire and facilitate Good.
I love to clean up and clear up messes, misperceptions and mistakes.
I ask myself daily “What Can I Do?”
I value my time and use it for the Highest Good.

Take Your Time

Take your time and use it well.
Listen to what is troubling you.
Pay attentions to what you can do.
Understand there is always work for us.

You are here to clean up the past.
Some do it with simple forgiveness.
You can erase and delete what no longer is.
Together we learn to let go with ease and grace.

Consider what you have left to clean up.
Make amends.
Start again each day.

Take your time to show you care.
Give others your words of gratitude.
Say and write, think and feel your Love.
Let go of your fears and freely care about others.

You have all the time in the world.
But Why wait?
If you know how, Do It Now!
There is no need to procrastinate.

Show up and clear up the messes you have made.
Undo your attachment to the past.
Consider how free you will feel.
Pay attention to what is REAL right now.

Give your best and let go of the rest.
Receive only what is good for you.
You do not need to eat others garbage.
Toxic material is to be refused.

Mistakes are made to learn we all make mistakes.
Mistakes can easily be corrected with our new choice.
We need to correct our own errors to learn what is needed.
Others need to correct their own mistakes to learn what is right for them.

Take time each day to forgive and clean up.
Take time to choose and be responsible for your choices.
Take time to fully appreciate all the good that comes to you with the good you do.
Take time to recognize you are fully in charge of your whole life and use it well.

Use all the time to make your life good!
Enjoy and celebrate.
Betty Lue