Thursday, December 22, 2016

Finding Hope

I know that the Good is always there for me.
I now receive all Good and only Good.
I trust in the Light and Love within me and you.
I believe everything is possible, when I remember the Truth.

Seeking Hope

Are you ready for more light?
Are you open to new ideas and possibilities?
Are you awakening to a new way to see and feel?
Are you willing to be renewed in hope, faith and Love?

Children wait for Christmas morning.
They trust there are gifts in store for them.
The innocent await for everyday love and miracles.
The faithful are waiting for the return of Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Humanity.

How can it be so many have lost their way?
Why are we living in the past pain and suffering?
Can we regain our innocence and faith again?
Are we open and able to let go with learning and allow new wisdom?

First be available to yourself and your inner knowing.
Be patient in listening to what you really want in your heart.
Seek what is most dear to you and clear to you.
Reach for the Highest Star and let it lift you up in consciousness.

Be ready for surprises and tests and practicing freedom and trust.
Allow you heart and mind to be open for new ideas and images.
Learn to ask for more information and inspiration to change your mind.
Begin to think, speak and act as if all you desire is already yours to have and give.

Much of the Presents and Presence in life is in you now to trust and see.
More of you is already there to “believe”. To Be and Live.
The hope and faith you seek is present in you now when you dissolve your doubt and fear.
Let us join together in Hope and Faith to reveal the Love in us as we heal.

Relinquish the clouds of doubt.
Open you heart and believe simply because it feels good.
Stop fooling around with where and why and how you lost your faith.
Just choose what you know is good for you.

There is a place in you that is innocent and childlike and hopeful.
Why not go there and have what is so easy and freeing and trusting?
How about letting yourself “believe” and Love again and Live again.
You already are that which you seek, so simply choose to receive what is in you now.

Always the “True Believer”,
And forever Loving You,
Betty Lue