Friday, November 11, 2016

Choose The Best

I affirm to give my best to all people in all situations.
I trust myself to see the best in myself and others.
I easily forgive myself when I can do better.
I live my life being the best I know at the time.

Choose To Be Your Best

Choose the Best.
Be the Best.
Seek the Best.
Appreciate the Best.

How do you know what is the best?
Seek consistency.
Seek openness.
Seek integrity.
Seek flexibility.
Seek what you admire.
Seek whom you respect.
Seek the highest values.
Seek what is effective.
Seek to serve the values you promote.
Seek what is dependable.
Seek the ways you choose to live.
Seek patience and trust.
Seek forgiveness and kindness.

Live your best and you will attract what is best for you.
Learn from what you see and what surprises you.
Learn what is under the surface of what seems to be.
Learn from the outcome of what you choose to be and do.

When choosing the best partner, choose what is good for you.
When choosing the best friends, choose what is best in you.
When choose to be the best person, choose the highest and best you want to be.
Always choose for the most authentic values for you and live in integrity.

You know the best because your conscience tells you so.
You know what is right and true because it fits for you.
You know how to live your best because it serve the highest Good.
 You know how to correct your mistakes, because you ask for help.

Living your best brings happiness and peace.
Giving your best offers health and gratitude.
Honoring your best forgives mistakes and fear.
Choosing the best makes you aware and at choice.

Everyday is another chance to remember your best.
This is why you came and the gift you are here to live.
Be your best.
Betty Lue

To evoke the best from others, you must find a vibration that is a match to the best in others.