Friday, November 04, 2016


Change is fun, safe and easy.
The more I allow change, the easier it is.
I trust in Everything working together for Good.
I offer my forgiveness and blessing to clear the fear.

Are You Ready for Change?

Are you flexible?
Are you reasonable?
Are you trusting?
Are you open and willing?

When we become brittle, we fear change.
When we are emotionally reactive, we resist change.
When we are critical, we want to control.
When we are closed-minded, we fight and push back change.

Change happens.
Change is normal.
Change is healthy.
Change is beneficial.

Fears of change are often due to fear of the unknown.
Fear of transition is often due to inappropriate communication.
Resistance is often due to secrecy, surprise and suspicion.
Forgiveness of painful or negative experiences will allow openness to change.

Respectful and responsible changes can benefit all involved.
Consider everyone concerned in changes of health, work, scheduling and attitude.
With information, education and regard for others’ feelings, change can be enjoyed.
When everyone and everything is informed, planned and prepared, change is always easier.

    Inform others of what is coming.
    Listen to their concerns and yours.
    Respond with consideration and care.
    Choose an open and willing attitude for change.
    Allow for course correction if circumstances change.
    Remember the most successful outcome is generated with flow for the Good of all.

Change can be transformative as folks adapt.
Clarity of direction and purpose is needed for participants to feel safe.
Communication is essential for people to be included and considered.
Commitment to what is for the Good of All is inspiring and generates positive expectancy.

You can count on change.
It is natural and part of the evolution of life.
While we may insist and staying with the status Quo, life will never be the same.
Bodies, minds, weather, politics, relationships, science, everything is always changing.

Learn to go with the flow unless you know a better direction.
Be open and willing to use all things for Good.
Seek and find what you feel is the most beneficial for everyone.
Your willingness to return to Love is the key.

Trusting in the Good of All,
Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Betty Lue