Thursday, November 03, 2016

Are You Criticized?

I love, trust and respect myself.
I forgive and bless those who judge me.
I trust my inner guidance in all things.
I am willing to listen and see things differently.

What Do You Do, If You Are Judged?

What if you are criticized and judged?
What if you are scorned and rejected?’
What if you are left, feeling unloved?
What Do You Do?

Forgive those who judge you.
They do not know what they do.
Realize they do not see You.
They see a reflection of themselves.

Forgive yourself for taking on others judgments.
Forgive yourself for believing their negativity.
Forgive yourself for letting others hurt or offend you.
Learn from the experience what will benefit you.

When you listen to others opinions, you are encouraging their judgments.
When you seek others’ approval, you are asking for their criticism.
When you are hurt by their disapproval and rejection, you are denying your own self respect.
When you trust what others’ say about you, you are putting them before yourself.

Learn to see things differently.
Notice you attract what you fear.
Recognize criticism is always about the critic.
Step away and trust what is right and true for you.

When you allow others to criticize you, you will become like them.
When you listen to others judgments, you will strengthen their criticism and your own..
When you relinquish your own values and strengthen theirs, they become your role model.
When you forget and neglect your own truth, you will become a victim of others judgments.

It is important to learn what works.
It is essential that you honor your own values, ethics and mores.
It is your responsibility to respond to negatives as a call for healing and help.
It is your right to believe the good, whole and true in you.

We are here to clear the fear.
We are here to correct our own errors.
We are here to recognize what is ours to do.
We are here to realize we must be true to what is right for us.
There is no need to correct someone else.

There is a need to be right with ourselves.
Let others learn from their own natural consequences.
Hold the space of safety and trust in what is Good for each.
Believe in the learning and healing that comes for all.

Seek the Highest Truth.
Be honest with your self
Let go of your opinions.
Trust in the best outcome for all.

Let us always remember to Love ourselves and speak the truth,
Betty Lue