Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where Is Your Strength?

I am strong in faith and I have confidence.
I am strong in hope and I believe in Goodness.
I am strong in Love and I do not fear.
I am strong in Gratitude for the Life I have.


Strength of Character is standing up to challenges with resolution to stand firm.
Strength of Will and Faith and Certainty with Confidence and Resolve.
Consider this website to determine what is true for you.

Have you grown stronger in your life?
Have you grown weaker with challenges?
Step into whatever you can trust and know it is your trust that makes you strong.
We each have a life choice to strengthen or weaken ourselves.

By our faith, we shall be made whole.
By our trust, we shall become confident.
By our resilience, we shall gain willingness.
By our Self Knowing, we shall be fulfilled.
Each journey belongs to us.
We can use this journey to grow in faith hope and love.
Or we can diminish ourselves with distrust, despair and fear.
Life is distinctly and perfectly our choice in which direction we go.

When we discover we are unhappy, unfulfilled and discontent, we can change our direction.
When we become aware we have conformed to the crowd, we can step up and change our mind.
When we notice that life is not leading to a happy or successful conclusion, we can choose again.
We have the negative in order to notice it is not the way we want to go.

The work is to quickly forgive our judgments and fears.
The clearing is to forgive what is not healthy or good.
Freedom is found by trusting there is a better way.
Success is experienced in strengthening our character.

We can lie down and give up.
We can stand up and move forward.

We can whine, complain and blame.
We can be reasonable, responsible and choose again.

When you believe life’s challenges make you stronger, they will make your stronger.
When you trust you are learning valuable lessons, your will learn great lessons.
When you know you are here to grow in faith, hope and love, you will grow in fait, hope and love.
When you seek the high way and the free way, you will find the high way to set you free.

Life is your gift.
Use it well and thrive!!
Trusting you,
Betty Lue