Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Decide?

I listen to the wisdom and love within me.
I trust what is fair, helpful and good for all.
I seek inner guidance for what is highest and best.
I treat others as I want to be treated.


Make your own choices.
Gather information you need.
Honor your inner knowing.
Respect the principles you believe in.

Is it fair?
Is it wise?
Is it helpful?
Is it beneficial for All?

Children are often asked to consider these areas before making a choice.
Adults seem to forget.
When we learn to believe in what others tell us, we may neglect our own honest answer.
When we follow the crowd or what sounds good, we may forget to get the information we need to decide.

 In our less mature stages of development, we may only choose for ourselves to win.
We may not even care and avoid making choices, simply focused on our own pleasure.
As we mature, we tend to go along with parents, authority figures or those we want to impress.
When we begin to develop our own independence, we may rebel or purposely resist others.

As adults, we consider many factors, before making decisions.
We want to make decisions mindfully.
We want to do what is fair and wise.
We want to be honest and helpful.

We mature adults, we recognize what is fair, wise, helpful and beneficial for all.
We begin to understand that our choices affect everyone everywhere.
There is a remembering “all for one and one for all.” is a key factor.
Learning to make good decisions creates respect and trust in ourselves and others.

When we are immature, lazy or have not yet learned our own value, we make unwise decisions.
As I have learned to be responsible for my life, I notice that every decision I make has consequences.
The polling place, the friends I choose, the place I work and live, all impact far more than I know.
My decisions can be fair or unfair, wise or unwise, helpful or harmful and good or bad for others.

We need to create opportunities for ourselves and our children to make our own decisions.
We need to learn from the choices what is helpful, wise, fair and beneficial.
We can only discover the outcome through experience.
We will learn when we give ourselves and others the opportunity.

I trust you are learning and growing.
I appreciate your willingness to try.
I respect you for giving your best.
I free you to do what is “right” for you.

Loving us all as we learn together what is best for us all.     
Betty Lue