Sunday, October 23, 2016


I forgive myself for judging, comparing and evaluating myself and others.
I see with eyes of love and value all.
I easily stop asking more that is naturally given.
I let go of needing myself to be more than I am.

What Do We Expect?

When we are doing our best, we expect others are doing their best.
When we don't always care, we expect others will not always care.
When we want out way to be honored, we can expect others to want their way, too.
When we are filled with expectations, we can be assured we will be disappointed some of the time.

Are expectations simply our unexpressed desires?
Are our expectations the way we evaluate others’ value to us?
Are expectation our ways of predicting and preparing for the outcome?
Do we really know what can be expected from anyone or anything?

Expectations can be motivating to some.
Expectations can be unwanted pressure for others.
Expectations can set us up for limitation and judgment.
Expectation can also provide guidelines and encouragement.

Consider how you use your expectations of yourself and others.
Consider how you feel when you have high expectations of the results you would achieve.
Notice the fearful reaction or happy response when you expect much of others.
Recognize whether your expectations are the conditions on your love for yourself and others.

Are expectations fair?
Are expectations wise?
Are expectations helpful?
Are expectations good for you?

Begin to consider what is helpful, fair, wise and good.
Notice how you and others respond.
Consider what is your first priority: to love or to judge?
Be willing to consider a better way to relate to what you and others do.

Life seems to be focused on behavior and achievement.
What you do is not Who You Are, but rather the way we judge one another.
What you achieve is often you to evaluate your worthiness.
And yet, each one is valuable simply for being.

Perhaps our high expectations really distract us from seeing our high value.
Perhaps we need to enjoy one another simply because we care.
In sharing our humanity, we need to learn the value of every life.
In recognizing our differences, we need to respect and appreciate ourselves for being Who We Are.

You are my friend, sister, brother and Self.
Together we cannot fail.
I remember the Good in you.
Even when others may forget.
Betty Lue

You Are A Flower in the Garden of Life

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer