Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Clarify Your Priorities

I live a life that brings peace and hope and joy.
I know what I value and live it daily.
I easily forgive, delete and let go of what is not best for all.
I choose to give my time, energy and resources to what I value.

Most Important Priorities?

What is most important to you?
Each one of us has different values.
What matters to you?
We all have our own special loves.

Keep your life simple and on course.
Focus on your true top priorities.
Stop letting the drama distract you.
Remember to live with integrity.

We live in a drama-based media world.
These are times when tragedy sells.
We are bombarded by media with blame.
You may be personally sucked into the negative.

Consider how you can remain true to you.
Notice what seduces you into the tabloids.
Begin a practice of forgiving what is not good.
Forgiveness will dissolve the negatives.

Actually forgiveness is key to happiness.
Focus on clearing the fear and drama.
Release forgetting about your real priorities.
Listen and encourage what is important to you.

Mind your own business.
Clean up your own life.
Stop neglecting your own priorities.
A life focused on others is diversion.

Make no excuses about your mistakes.
Apologize immediately for what is not right.
When you see a need to do something, simply do it.
Don’t wait for drama or disaster to do something.

Drama gets attention.
Disaster attracts fear.
The blame game gets media attention.
The shame game encourages gossip..

Be among the first to stop all gossip about others.
Be the one who steps up to higher ground.
Talk about what inspires you to be better.
Live a life focused on your highest priorities.

We can lift up society with out thoughts, words and activities.
 We can choose what will make up all better.
Dare to not conform to the worldly ignorance.
Live your own highest values and priorities.

Trusting you and I together to make our world better.
Betty Lue