Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Choose Peace

I seek and find peace of mind.
I find Peace in the quiet stillness of meditation and prayer.
In peace there is healing, goodness and Unconditional Love.
I forgive the distractions of the world and find inspiration and Peace.

Choose Peace

“I trust you are finding your place of peace.
It is too easy to be distracted with the drama in our families and on media.
Your highest and best work is to be at peace with everyone and everything.
This brings health and happiness and blesses our world.”

Do we need boundaries to find peace?
Do we need to learn to say “No”?
Is this a time to say “Stop. That is enough.”?
Are you willing to choose the Peace you deserve?

There used to be ways to take care of ourselves.
We knew how to turn off the news.
There was censorship with words used and pictures shown.
There was respect for limits on what we considered “civi”.

It seems we have bypassed what we have considered tasteful for public consumption.
Now we must learn to be responsible for ourselves, and learn to turn it off.
When exposed to vulgarity, violence, dishonesty and abuse, people become used to it.
Children and adults copy what they see and hear and soon forget the gift of respect.

Where can we find morals, ethics and value?
How can we set higher standards for ourselves?
What can we do to live our own lives with principles?
We must be strong enough to set our own boundaries on acceptable behavior.

Where do you go for peace?
Do you believe life can be good and healthy, kind and respectful?
Are you ready to choose peace?
Peace within ourselves and peace with others must be our choice.

Begin with your own family, home and workplace.
Do not allow others to change your morality.
Choose Peace instead of what appears to be.
Give yourself and  your family what you desire and deserve.

It is time to choose for a better way.
Choose what is highest and best for you.
Peace is essential to your health and happiness.
Choosing Peace,
Betty Lue