Monday, September 12, 2016

Spend Wisely!

I choose to use what I have been given with respect, gratitude and joy.
I let go of giving away what I have with regret or disappointment.
I encourage myself to give to what has heart and meaning.
I forgive myself for wasting time, energy and money.

Spend Your Time, Money and Energy Wisely

What you spend is an investment in your life.
Where you spend is energizing the place, person or product on which you spend.
How you spend is an investment on the joy or resentment, choice or demand you feel in spending.
Spend your time, money and energy wisely and well.

You and your resources are your energy.
What you have you created to give your abundant life.
If what and how you spend drains you, it is time to choose again.
If you do not notice where you have given your energy, it is time to pay attention.

Most folks use their energy unconsciously, without knowing how much is given.
Many people simply do what others do or as they have been taught or expected.
Often we give to neediness rather than prioritizing what we value.
When we learn to care about our energy expenditures, we will contribute wisely.

When you give too much, you are drained.
When you do too much, you are tired.
When you judge too much, you are distracted.
When you need too much, you are depressed.

When you are conflicted about what to do, you feel confused.
When you hurt emotionally or physically, you feel sorry for yourself.
When you waste too much time and money, you feel regret.
When you lose too much energy, you feel grief.

Our connection with ourselves must be complete with wholehearted love and appreciation.
When we lose connection with our Authentic Self , we may feel depression and despair.
When we lose connection with our Inner ReSource, we may feel alone and despair.
The work is to forgive our own mistaken guidance and reconnect with our own truth.

The high way requires that we forgive and choose again.
The free way asks us to know where we want to go.
The healthy way takes impeccable care of our body/mind vehicle.
The happy way appreciate the adventures and learning along the way.

Where did you lose touch with your innocence and joy?
What have you done with the part of you that knows what is good for you?
How can you reconnect with what has meaning and purpose in your life?
Are you willing to let go and begin again rather than just doing a makeover?

We must understand that the Source of All Good is within us.
We must remember to talk with and tell our own Truth to ourselves.
We must accept all the learning and healing adventures alone the way.
We must appreciate all that we value, admire and respect within ourselves.

Listening to and Loving you, as I Listen to and Love my Self.
Betty Lue