Friday, September 30, 2016

Smooth or Bumpy?

I choose to live the highest values and ethics I know.
I live by the golden rule of treating others as I would like.
I listen to inner guidance for choices and direction.
I love, trust and respect myself in all I say and do.

What Do You Want?

Where are you going?
If you don’t have a clear goal, how can you achieve?
If you don’t have energy to move anywhere, how can you go?
If you don’t have  a vision, mission or purpose, life will take you wherever it goes?

Life is under your direction.
Life is yours to decide where, when , how and with whom you choose.
Life is the opportunity to achieve, create, survive or thrive.
Life is an ever present opportunity to clarify, choose, change, correct and commit.

You choose the outcome you desire.
You choose where and set your course.
You choose to steer you thoughts, words and actions.
You choose to support yourself every step of the way.

We are in the ocean of life.
If you use your time and mind well, you will know how to reach your destination.
If you expect others to get you where and how you get there, you may take many detours.
If you are adrift in the ocean of life, you may feel lost, afraid , disappointed.

Involving others in your life journey, you will experience their Karma plus yours.
Creating teamwork or partnership without a joined vision, you may find conflict.
Without mutual respect and open communication, you may be confused in direction.
When no one is ready, willing or able to be responsible, there will be major confusion.

Family planning, business plans, and life goals help gather people together to succeed.
Without adequate preparation for the life journey of marriage it is difficult to cooperate.
With problems, failing, arguments and drama, there will be many bumps and rough sailing.
It is essential that people in families, businesses, politics and life begin to create common vision.

Be clear in your communication about your values, ethics and ideals.
Listen accept and determine if you are going in the same direction.
If you are a solo traveler, respectfully accept that others will go their own way.
When you honor your own life path, you will navigate easily and smoothly.

Choose the way of loving kindness, respectful communication and conscious choice.
Live by your inner guidance to find the path of the heart.
Give always the very best you have and step away to renew yourself as needed.
Honor the life adventure you choose by correcting your path as needed.

This is your life.
You are the designer, captain, navigator and passenger on your journey.
Be aware that there is an inner guidance system within you to show the way.
Appreciate how much you learn through all the course corrections.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Ten Keys to a Good Life:

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.

Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.

Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.

Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.

Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.

Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.

Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.

Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.

Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.

Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.