Saturday, September 03, 2016

Show You Care!

As I freely care and share my love, fear dissolves.
I choose to open my heart to truly love without condition.
I show my caring with quality time, affection, affirming words, acts of service and heartfelt gifts.
I am Love and fully give the Love I AM.

Show How Much You Care!

Do they know that you care?
Are they receiving your love?
Do you know how to appreciate?
Are you afraid to love too much?

It is possible you share your love in ways that are not being received.
It is likely that you love others the ways that you want to be loved.
It may be that no matter how much you share your appreciation, it is deflected.
It may sometimes seem that your caring is ignored or goes unappreciated.

We tend to love and appreciate others the ways we want to be loved.
We tend to take others for granted and express caring infrequently.
We tend to expect others already now that we care and forget to share.
We tend to fear or feel embarrassed giving and receiving love fully.

Everyone lets in love in their own unique ways.
We all tend to give love sparingly and with caution.
Some fear becoming too dependent on the love.
Others fear being controlled by the loved one.

Consider writing notes of love and appreciation.
Consider being attentive and polite to a loved one.
Consider spending time in unique ways playing and working together.
Consider sharing meals without TV and Cell phones.
Consider holding hands, giving back rubs, hugs and other forms of affection.
Consider smiling, winking, sharing appreciation, and giving gifts.
Consider valuing what people do for you and how much they care about you.
Consider being extra considerate and offering help with meals, simple chores and helpfulness.
Consider saying please and thank you consistently.
Consider just being present and listening when the other is talking or sharing with you.
Consider taking drives or walks together.
Consider taking notice of what the other person likes and give it to them.

A very basic way of caring is to ask specifically what they truly value.
It is super helpful to share clearly with others what you do care about.
Stop believing they should know without your telling.
In all relationships both parties frequently neglect open honest sharing and caring.

If you pet your dog daily or rock your baby, demonstrate your caring daily with your family.
If you say thanks to people who serve you in business, demonstrate your gratitude at home.
If you enjoy being praised and valued, give praise and show your value for those you love.
We must learn to give our best every day with those closest to us.

If you have not openly shown your love and appreciation, it is time to learn.
Even if it feels uncomfortable remember to give and receive complements and affection.
When someone is loving and appreciating you, receive it with pleasure and gratitude.
This world needs more love and it is yours to give and receive.

Loving you fully and freely,
Betty Lue