Friday, September 02, 2016

Labors of Love!

I love the work I do everyday.
Whether large or small, noticed or not, I value my work.
I appreciate the amazing work people do to make our world safer and better everyday.
May my life and the work I do always be a labor of love and appreciation.

Working for Love!

Do you work for Love?
What and whom do you work for?
Are you happy, content, committed or inspired by the work you do.
What you feel will make all the difference in your experience.

Do you work because you have to or work because you choose to?
It is your choice: What will it be?
Doing anything under duress will build resentment and resistance.
You will have to work harder and have more fatigue and negativity.

Working for others can invite a sense of resentment or gratitude.
When we work for the benefit of others we can feel of service.
When we see we are creating a better life for others, we will feel of value.
When we are grateful for being helpful, we can feel we are contributing.

We can consciously see the good we do for ourselves and others.
We can praise ourselves for a job well done.
We can value how well we do our work.
We can appreciate providing for our family and our community.

When we acknowledge the value of our work, we feel pleased with ourselves.
When we enjoy the work we do, we may work smarter and even harder.
When we appreciate the ability to do the work, we find ourselves willing to do more.
When we have an attitude of gratitude, the work, may seem fun, safe and easy.

Notice your attitude about getting to work.
Observe what seems to tire you and what inspires you.
Take time to value your willingness to do the work before you.
Whether paid or volunteer, work can seem mundane or meaningful.

Consider the value of what you do everyway to pay your way..
Whether noticed or appreciated, begin your own strategy of self appreciation.
The complaints may be coming from the unwilling or lazy ones.
Forgive and release any way you allow others to define or put you down.

Work is a gift to everyone.
Work with pride and gratitude.
Do what you do with the joy of doing.
Notice you will be energized and provided more.

Life is a place of work.
So work for the joy of it.
Work feels better the more we enjoy the results.
When we all work together, the way is easier and happier for all.

Loving to work with you for a better world,
Betty Lue