Friday, August 19, 2016

Lies or Truth?

Having no secrets sets me free.
I love to fully be authentic and true to me.
I forgive myself for hiding in lies and half truths.
I trust myself to be hones and real with me.

Are You Living a Lie?

Are You Telling Your Truth?
Do you even know the difference?
Is it possible that each of us has our own “truth”?
Perhaps we are caught with a need to believe our own “truth”.

We live in a world of different perceptions.
We ask ourselves what is true.
Do I believe in science or fiction?
Do I believe in physics or metaphysics?

Some declare: “This is scientific fact.”
Yet the science keeps changing.
Some declare: “We are creating our own reality.”
And many scientists perceive the same results differently.

Have you found that what you believe you will see it is so?
Have you understood that perception is a result of our belief?
Have you noticed that people want to be right and seek confirming evidence.?
Do you recognize no one want to be wrong?

So what truth do you tell?
Do you say what others want you to say?.
Do you live in the way that conforms to others’ beliefs?
Do you pretend to believe what won’t be upsetting to others.?

You can tell it is a misperception when you feel doubt. 
You know it is not your truth when you don’t feel safe.
You will find you are upset or anxious when you are not certain.
You will actually be defensive when you try to get others to believe you.

Look for a life of total honesty.
You will feel strong and confident.
Speak the highest truth you know.
You will recognize the power in your words.

Consider the truth that is real for you.
Ask yourself what there is to hide.
Acknowledge how free it will be to disclose.
Trust your Self to do what is right and true for you.

Be willing to stop lying to yourself and others.
Honor those you love by being real, and true.
Ask for their forgiveness for mistakes.
Love them and thank them for being real with you.

Loving the truth tellers and encouraging only truth to be told.
Betty Lue