Saturday, August 20, 2016

Do You Love You?

I easily remember that I Am Love.
I trust myself to be all I am here to be.
I love the Love I AM.
I am responsible for taking impeccable care of my life.

Do You Love You?

How do you love you?
How much do you love you?
How do you feel when you love you?
How can you love you even more?

Everything around us shows us how to love ourselves.
But no one seems to see it or maybe they don’t want to.
Take a look at your home, your health, your friends and your life.
Everything is a reflection of your self love or your need to love yourself better.

Are you keeping secrets from yourself and others?
Are you denying yourself what you really want to be and do and have?
Are you judging and criticizing what is wrong with you?
Do you spend time hurting yourself with thoughts and behaviors?

Is it time to clean up your whole Life?
Are you pleased with your home?
Are you doing your job well?
Have you handled your finances with integrity?

Are you secure with who you are and what you do?
Is there something you need to finish or clean up?
Do you enjoy your daily life?
Do you give yourself the very best?

Are you willing to choose quickly when something is right for you?
Do you understand how to be kind and easily forgive your mistakes?
Do you keep your promises and always give your best?
Are you wiling to be responsible for yourself?

There seems to be a misunderstanding about love and loving ourselves.
We seem to think Love is an emotional connection or projection.
Love Is a Choice.
Love is being able to respond to ourselves with freedom and trust with respect and appreciation.

We come from Love to be an expression of Love to choose to inspire the Love We Are.
When we forsake ourselves, we forget to be love and the inspire Love in our world.
When we forgive ourselves for forgetting, ignoring and denying our love, we return to Love.
Love is remembered as we connect with the Love within and we are whole, happy and free.

This is as clear as I can be to remembering and relaying what I know.
I am loving you and all always, no matter what.
Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.
Betty Lue