Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What is Right and True for You?

I show up, pay attention, tell my highest truth and detach from the outcome.
I know what I really want and I go for it.
I choose what is for the Highest Good of all.
Everything is a lesson God (Love) wants me to learn.

How Can you Tell What is True for You?

Reader’s question:
When you said, "What offers fear and anxiety is not good",  what about the philosophy that when we start opening ourselves up and allowing old habits and programming to release, we may feel more uncomfortable and confused for a while, but then feel the peace and release that it offers.

When we tell our “truth”, are we talking about the “Truth” or our emotional experience or our perception?
When we feel anxious, are we anxious about what the others will think, do or say or uncomfortable with our own confession of being “off purpose”?
When we declare what we want from another, are we fearful about their approval or disapproval or because we are uncertain about what we think we want?
When we are anxious about doing something new, are we anxious because what is new or because we have believed something untrue?

The fear or anxiety we feel tells me that something is not quite “right” about what we believe.
The peace and calm we feel tells me that I am “on purpose” and expressing what I want to believe.
The guilt we have about being separate from the highest Good, is often the anxiety we feel.
When we connect within to what is true in our heart and spiritual center, we feel happy and at peace.

Living in integrity with ourselves is a choice.
This choice calls us to explore what is right and true for us.
Since there is no external or ultimate “Truth”, we must discover what is right and “true” for us.
In the discovery process we will ask and discover what is true for is what and brings us peace.

Our feelings are temporary and illusive, covered in a myriad of past learnings and false beliefs.
Expressing feeling can be a discovery process of what we have been taught as true.
When we are anxious expressing our feelings, it is likely due to uncertainty about their illusory nature.
We express thoughts and feelings as though they are the “Truth”, instead of a temporary experience.

At the temporary level in temporary relationships, we learn that everything is evolving.
When we are attached to what we think and feel (believe), we get stuck and limit openness.
When we stop declaring what we feel as permanent, we can open to what moves through us.
Feelings of fear and anxiety are merely experiences of our own blocks to Love, freedom and Trust.

It is valuable to experience our blocks to love, so we can become aware of the blocks to Love.
It is helpful to notice where we are deceiving ourselves and trying to believe what is false.
It is enlightening to see where we are holding darkness or clouds in our mind.
It is freeing to declare “My judgments and fear mean nothing.”

Always listen within to your Inner Voice of Love.
Recognize the world often teaches us to believe falsely.
Understand that we can see things differently.
Realize it is Love, Trust, Freedom and Gratitude that bring Peace.

Stay in present moment in relationships and erase (forgive) the past.
Make no assumptions and take nothing personally.
Keep your agreements with yourself and others and always give your best.
Return to Love, Trust, Respect and Gratitude quickly and remember Love.

We are each created in Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
When we are disconnected from the Love We Are, we feel uncomfortable.
When we are in the state of Love and sharing the Love within, we feel peaceful.
When we trust in Love in our relationships, we forgive quickly and return to love.

Choosing Love above all things,
Betty Lue