Monday, July 18, 2016

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All!

I choose peace instead of this.
I choose to bring peace to others.
I choose to find compassion.
I choose to think Peace, speak Peace and act Peaceful.

Peace Begins with Me!

What do you want more than anything else?
What do you desire to have and give?
What you want you you will become.
What you give you will receive.

And so it is we can begin right where we are.
Peace in your heart and mind.
Forgive the chaos and confusion
Calm your thoughts and feelings.

Give the Peace where you are.
Extend Peace to everyone.
Receive the Peace that is yours.
Contribute the Peace within your heart.

We all have the Peace of Goodness.
We each can share the Peace we have.
We all know how to be Peace-filled.
So why not give the Peace we have.

Peace costs nothing.
Peace contributes everything.
Peace is our deepest desire.
Peace is why we are here.

Breathe Peace.
Filter out conflict within.
Breathe our Peace.
Let go of fear and drama.

Recognize your thoughts teach.
Realize your feelings can incite to fight.
Remember love dissolves fear.
Walk into the light.

You can be a peace maker.
Reflect of the power of loving.
Choose words of understanding.
Take actions of order and harmony.

When fearful, ask “What Can I Do?”
When confused, ask “What do I Need?”
When conflicted, ask “What Do I Want?”
When in opposition, ask “What Do I Choose?”

I want peace in all relationships and situations.

Loving us all for choosing Peace of mind and heart and action.
Betty Lue