Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let Us Inspire Our Youth

I value all children and their natural gifts to the adults in their world.’
I listen and encourage the very best in everyone.
I trust and free each individual to give and receive their best.
I respect the rights, responsibility and contribution of children.

See their utube videos and our summer camp schedule below!
Go to LovingReminders website to see the amazing utube videos that the grandkids created.

Love and Inspire Children and Young People

Youth are our investment for the future.
Young people deserve our best.
Infants, Toddlers School children and teens can all be inspired.
With our conscious focus and giving our best, we enable our kids to contribute Greatness to our world.

This summer we are spending six weeks with grandchildren and their friends.
We are aware that expanding their experiences is key to expanding their minds.
We understand that the basics are essential, but even more is the love we share.
We the caring and conscientious adults need to take the time and energy to care.

Our usual summer schedule with the kids is noted below.
One of our bedrooms has two bunk beds and a single bed for sleeping and quiet time.
The children know this house is quiet, respectful and orderly and so they abide with that energy.
The fun they have is creative, interactive, learning and sharing with one another.

We learn from them and they learn from us with easy questions and sharing.
We share our visions for their futures and offer them expanded ideas.
We create projects and opportunities for travel and adventures.
Each of us participates in games, crafts, helping and enjoying encouragement and fun.

Grandpa Robert used a Mind Movies Ap to help the two girls 10 and 11 to create their own.
You can see the amazing creations with choices of pictures, music and affirmations.
They are being given the opportunity to remind themselves of how great they are.
Our children kids need to be supported and encouraged to love themselves even more.

Ask yourself what you can do to invite and encourage the kids you encounter to feel important.
Look for opportunities to help, contribute, turor and listen to children.
Respect what children say and do without comparison or criticism.
Give the youth in your community and schools every opportunity to succeed and feel good about themselves.

Do what you can to care, share, contribute and appreciate their Presence in your life.
You can make a significant difference for now and future generations.
You can be the example and role model for how to have a happy and successful life.
You can show our kids how to live with respect, responsibility and cooperation.

Thank you for caring.
Betty Lue

Lila—Save The Herd

Lila Reminders

Maegan—Save The Endangered Animals

Maegan Reminders
Grandparent’s Camp Schedule:
 We have many grandkids and their friends during the summer for our Grandparent’s Camp.

7AM Waking naturally
Wake up with a cartoon or gentle TV for 15-20 minutes.
Get dressed and breakfast, hair and teeth.
7:45AM Off to the Owens Horse Ranch with a lunch and snack
8 AM -1PM Ranch activities and riding, creek and trails and arena,
1:15-1:30 Home with snack or lunch to satisfy hunger and thirst.
Afternoon Reading, games, crafts, resting, writing and making affirmation movies. Discussion and learning.
Grandma and Grandpa take a 20-30 minute power nap mid afternoon.
6-7PM  Dinner with sharing and sometimes inspiring conversation and clean up,
7-9PM Movie or games chosen by the kids.
9PM Reading in bed for 10 minutes and lights out.

Showers as wanted.
Laundry done every night.
Kids requests for meals honored.

We live by the following simple rules for us all
1)No roughhousing, fighting or yelling by parents or kids in home.
(They can go outside if they want these activities)
2) Do no harm to self, others or things.
3) Respect your elders.

We never experience tears or anger or any disrespectul behavior.
Everyone uses respectful words, “please” and “thanks”.
People are helpful to one another No acting out.
Toys, games and crafts are all put away before meals and bedtime.
We don’t need to remind them!

This is a quiet orderly home where everyone is respectful and helpful to one another.
Usually I work 8-12 noon and 3-7 PM and Grandpa does the driving and errands.
We share meals, preparing lunches and snacks for camp.
Grandpa shops for groceries and I do the laundry and cleanup.
We all participate and enjoy our time together.