Sunday, July 03, 2016


I watch and listen to what our youth have to teach us.
I expect great leadership the next generation will bring.
I  am open-minded and listen to the wisdom of others.
I trust that everyone is contributing the best they know.

See Grandpa’s letter to our 11 yr. old Lila attending the Girls Leadership Camp in Mt Holyoke MS.

Leading the Way to a Better World.

We want shining examples of good leadership for us all.
We want the possibility of a better world.
We want our families to feel safe, happy and prosperous.
We want quality education with the best teachers and awesome inspired programs.

We need conscientious citizens to who live the highest values.
We need people to choose what they believe is best for us all.
We need all humanity to seek good will with peace and justice for all.
We need to be awake and aware, loving and sharing, caring for one another.

Yes, it is time we show the next generation we care about them.
Yes, we can make our families and communities better and safer.
Yes, we can create better news, better parenting, better politics, better role models.
Yes, we can each do our part to care for the homeless, the disabled and those challenged.

I see the next generation of girls and women making an amazing difference in our world.
I believe with our encouragement, love, support and faith they will do what is right.
I trust the next generation to be awake and aware and willing to do whatever it takes.
I see our young people listening and observing, desiring and believing they can make changes.

Our granddaughter Lila, supported by my daughter, is attending a 10 day camp for Leadership.
This ongoing program brings young girls and teens together to learn leadership skills.
I can only imagine how powerful their discussions will be.
Lila has initiated a book and blanket program for homeless families, and volunteered to care for special children at her school. 
Lila at 11 years is now writing a blog, Tips for Parenting with more sharing in the future. (See below)

Our youth are aware and wise when given the opportunity to speak.
They will share their opinions and wishes and vision when they feel safe to share.
Our children will be confident and caring when they are allowed to think for themselves.
The next generation is prepared to do what we dared but did not accomplish.

Let’s give our kids the chance to envision, design, prepare and do what they want done.  
Let’s open the way for all children and youth to have unlimited opportunities in education.
Let’s finances quality nutrition, health care, sports and extracurricular activities for kids.
Let’s allow open discussions with freedom to share, express and value their ideas.

The beginning of this country was filled with idealism, open sharing, and inclusiveness.
The beginning of families can be filled with natural innocence, enthusiasm and caring.
The beginning of our communities must be honest with joining and commitment.
The beginning of our own lives can be all this and more when we are willing to share and support.

What are you willing to do?
I have suggested to our grandkids, three important Keys to Success:
1) Enough sleep, 2) Lots of reading and 3) No drama.
Are you willing to set the example in you own life?

Let’s lead the way with our own basic healthy and helpful strategies.
Let Love prevail.
Betty Lue
    Lila's Tips for Parents!

( Lila is my 11 yr old granddaughter, about to go into 6th grade,
She wrote this for all those who forget and never knew how to love their children well.)

Treat all your kids fairly.
Take your kids on special trips, one on one, so that they feel special

Do not yell.
If you’re mad…
Try to make a peaceful environment in your household, so that there is less fighting.

If you're frustrated,
Talk calmly to your children.
There's a saying: If you're mad count to 10 if you're very mad count to 100

Let your child have some responsibility so that they feel mature and learn how to be responsible.
For example a small pet like a fish would be a start.
If they don't take care of their pets they should take care of them tell them their not taking care of it and that you'll take it away if they aren't responsible enough

When you talk about something to your friend or a random person, it could be embarrassing to your child. Ask him/her if you can say it and if it's embarrassing or not.
For example: "Stephanie's not a very good bike writer" may be hurtful and embarrassing.

Encourage your child to do something they like.
Never make them do a sport/activity they don't want to do

Let your child keep their own special activities/sport.
Let them have something special that’s their own.
Do not force them to share it with their sibling.

When your child is sad or crying, try to comfort them.   
If they don't want kisses and hugs, just sit next to them.
Listening quietly and supportively on the sidelines.