Sunday, July 31, 2016

Get Going

I know what I want and I go for it.
I trust the choices that I make.
No one and nothing stops me from creating the life I want.
I free myself from limiting habits, beliefs, criticism and misperceptions.

Get Going to Find Balance.

A sedentary position has no momentum.
Living in the past is not Present.
Waiting for something to show up keeps you watching and waiting.
Focusing on past trauma and hard time keeps you in anxious vigilance for future pain and trauma.

It is essential to get back on the horse and ride.
Existing with fearful memories creates a life of fear.
We can only experience balance when we think with a new bold and balanced perspective.
Life is useful to teach, inspire and encourage us to be creative and strong in our choices.

The faster we get going, the faster we heal.
The more we do to move forward, the more we move on.
The more we desire a new beginning, the more easily we begin anew.
The more we love envisioning and enjoying the experience we have envisioned.

People have a learned tendency to analyze, commiserate, regret and rest before moving on.
Most do not understand how the body and mind wait for our command to get going.
Many believe that we must hold back our energy before doing what we love.
Some actually dust themselves off, get back up and go for it after struggle, stress and trauma.

It is easy to imagine how a top spinning slowly is wobbly and even stops totally.
I found through my own experimentation that I need to get up and spin to feel balanced.
I noticed that when I slowed down due to others recommendation that I felt worse.
When I do what I love with gratitude and joy, I always feel better, do better and love more.

With environmental trauma (Valley fires in Lake County), relationship trauma (divorce or death).
Many need to return to work and daily routine quickly to feel normal and happy again!
Sitting down and hanging around causes loss of inertial and momentum.
When we lolly-gag, we lose our way, our focus and our desire to do anything good.

Often those who are lazy, resting and making excuses, just stay where they are.
Have you notices that the quicksand of our minds and bodies tend to sink us for good?
Did you realize all the times we have encouraged ourselves to sit and rest didn’t get us going?
The sitters often stay sitting, while the doers keep on doing.

What can you do to get up and do for yourself?
What are you willing to contribute to others?
How can you get going and keep going?
Do you understand that motivation comes from within?

There is a mistaken belief that we heal better when we take our time.
While sometimes that is true for physical healing, most medical professionals want us up and going.
The body is meant to move and be used.
The mind heals most quickly when we see and release what is toxic and  harmful.

Forgive, erase and delete painful memories, discouraging attitudes and limiting beliefs.
Free up your inner resources to what motivates and inspired you for better living
Choose peace, happiness, contribution and creativity to  feel safe, happy and whole.

I love being active, creative, helpful and good in the life I have chosen.
Applauding you in going for the life you prefer,
Betty Lue