Saturday, July 30, 2016

Allow Only Good

I see You and I know You and I Love You.
As I see you with Love, I see my Self.
As I know You for the Good in You, I know the Goodness in me.
As I Love You for the Love You are born to be, I Love the unlimited Love in me.

Do You Allow Good into Your Life?

Are you open to have Good, Receive Good and Give Only Good?
Are you allowing the ever present Goodness into your life?
Do you believe you are worthy of all Good and Only Good?
Do you trust that there is Good waiting for you to receive and share?

Let Go and Let Good.
Key to this reminder is to let go.
When we are living in the past, we do not have space for all Good.
When we judge and compare with what was, we cannot see and receive what IS.

The Good is all around us.
The Good is within us.
The Good is in everything we have that is valuable.
The Good is the attitude with which we perceive.

Consider that our real work is to become aware of the blocks to Goodness.
When we are aware of the blocks and release limiting beliefs and faulty thinking, we will see the Good.
When we relinquish our need to confuse, deny, object and defend, we will experience what is ours.
When we forgive ourselves and see with the eyes of Love, we can be open to receive the Good.

Life is our challenge only because we refuse to accept the Good.
Life is our school only because we remove ourselves from the teachings.
Life is our gift only because we have not unwrapped the miracles of healing and gratitude.
Life is our reflection and shows us how and where and what we see within ourselves.

It is time to return to Love, abundant, powerful and True.
It is our work to erase what is standing in our way.
It is our opportunity to receive the Good that is already given to us.
It is our choice to be open and willing to fully and freely Love Ourselves into full Self Realization.

You are what you think of You.
You are the Love your have for your Self.
You are the gifts you have received from your Self.
You are the wisdom and provision you share with your Self

Be willing to allow all Good and only Good.
Goodness and Mercy are your birthright.
The only real work is to clear the blocks to Self denial.
Begin to lift the veil and see what is Really Yours.

Loving the Good in You, as You and for Goodness Sake.
Betty Lue