Wednesday, June 08, 2016


I enjoy the life I have.
I have a good life.
I am successful and filled with joy and gratitude.
I give all I have with gratitude and joy.

What Is SUCCESS for YOU?

Everyone has their own definition of “SUCCESS”.
Throughout life we try various paths to success.
And it may still elude us.
How do we tell if we are successful?
What are the conditions in which we can honestly realize “I AM SUCCESSFUL”?

What is success for you?
Is it to please someone?
Is success helping others?
Is it to make money? To be able to buy what you want?

Whatever you value may be what you currently are holding at the highest value for success.
Consider what your parents wanted for you.
Observe what those around you strive for?
Acknowledge your spiritual beliefs or philosophy of a good and prosperous life?

We do achieve and experience more of what we focus on.
We create with our vision, faith, desire, commitment, strategy, action and gratitude. (7 Keys to Success)
We use our inner picture of success for us as our motivator and guiding light for inspiration.
Some use dream board work, life purpose discovery and integration of values as reminders.

Our definition of success often changes many times with maturity and life experiences.
We may shift from goal to goal and vision to vision.
When we are unhappy or dissatisfied with what we have, we may lose focus and inspiration.
Utilize the values prioritization below ( or any other tool) to review what has value for you.

Living in integrity with what we value may be the closest we can come to knowing success.
When we can say at the end of the day.” This is a good life.”, we feel successful.
Yes, we are fulfilled, but there is always more to experience and express.
Yes, we may be happy and healthy and fulfilled, but we are not complete until we feel done.

And so it is we strive for success until we find a truth or philosophy that makes everyday successful.
As I have reviewed my life choices, I find one common theme.
It is my way of reminding myself of what gives my life meaning and purpose.
Success for me is enjoying my life. 

I feel joyful and enjoy everything I do when I remember, “I am here to enjoy my life.”

Consider, “You are here to be happy.”

Loving you with my inner joy and enjoyment.
Betty Lue