Monday, May 23, 2016

Who Do You Trust?

I trust in the Highest Truth I know.
I trust in Love and all that is Good for all.
I keep my agreements with myself and others.
No matter what, I will never quit on Love.

Do You Trust Yourself?

Are you reliable and dependable?
Do you keep your agreements?
Do you tell the truth?
Are you living in integrity with what you believe?

People make excuses for not being true to themselves.
People neglect to follow through on their commitments.
People say one thing but do another.
People lie to be nice and not make waves.

How we live shows us what we believe in.
When we are not reliable, who can trust us?
When we cannot depend on ourselves, how can we depend on another?
Our trust in others is dependent on how much we can trust ourselves.

Do you always do the right thing for the right reasons?
Do you treat everyone equally or make some people more important?
Can you trust what you say?
Do you honor your agreements?

When we do not keep our promises to ourselves, we lose confidence.
When we say what we want others to believe, we lose connection with ourselves.
When we are inconsistent in our temperament and behavior, we cannot trust ourselves.
When we are ambivalent or keep changing our minds, we live in uncertainty and fear.

It is difficult in an ever-changing world to find a place of calm and inner peace.
It may seem impossible to trust anyone or anything if we cannot trust ourselves.
We may talk and behave in belligerent or arrogant ways to try to be believed.
There must be a state of inner certainty and calm to know and trust our own mind.

Find a Source, a place, a Truth you know is true for you.
Use your guidepost as your center of focus and integrity.
Line up all your goals, choices, answers and responses.
Choose what supports, sustains and works to be what you trust.

In you there is a place that you know to be true.
It never changes or is ambivalent.
Hold steady with what you believe and trust.
Honor your inner guide and return to trust in You.

Trust, Trust, Trust.
Love is a must.
Keep it simple.
Keep it true.
God in me is loving you.
Trust, Trust, Trust.

Trusting You and I together will remember Love and return to wholeness.
Betty Lue