Thursday, April 14, 2016

Parts You Play!

Affirmations: (Say and write affirmations you want to remember and choose to be!)
I easily relinquish all attack and unkindness.
I forgive myself for withholding Love.
I conscientiously choose to be the Love within me.
I respect and appreciate what I see in the Authentic Me.

What Do You See in You?

Therapists are counselors, guides mentors, listeners and so much more.
Is it possible you are more than you have seen within yourself?
Perhaps everyone is meant to a listener, helper and healer.
Perhaps each one of us has many functions and parts to play everyday.

Have you looked within to see how you clean and clear the way for others?
Have you seen the part of you that predicts, prophesies and creates?
Have you notice where you offer prayers and comforting words?
Have you recognized how you can calm emotions or encourage drama?

Do you see how you dry their tears or make children cry?
Do you understand how you can offer kindness or be cruel with your words?
Do you know that you can curse or bless with a simple choice?
Are you willing to give only the Good you deeply desire to receive?

Have you made a decision to be a blessing?
Do you understand you are here to make a different?
Are you aware of the power of your words and thoughts?
Do you pay attention to the positive or negative you give?

Everything you share will return to you.
If you want blessings, give only blessings.
If you want healing and help, share only healing and helpful words and works.
If you want connection, compassion and love, offer always connection, compassion and love.

We are here to give what we want to receive.
We are here to discern our understanding of creating goodness or spreading negativity.
We are beginning to awaken to the light within us which must be claimed and shared.
We are either offering unconscious toxicity or inspired blessings of hope and healing.

Make a list of all the parts you play.
See what is given you to give to others.
Eliminate all the parts which are not good for you.
Focus on leaving a legacy for what is good and true.

I was making the list of what I have seen within myself on my journey.
I saw this is true of all of us and the many ways we teach and live and give.
Perhaps it will inspire you as well to make your own list!
Can you imagine that this is not only specific professions, but all of us?

Therapists as priests.
Therapists as translators.
Therapists as Bridge walkers.
Therapists as intercessory channels.
Therapists as friends.
Therapists as mirrors.
Therapists as teachers.
Therapists as guides.
Therapists as healers.
Therapists as advisors.
Therapists as role models.
Therapists as parents and grandparents.
Therapists as monks and mystics.
Therapists as discoverers.
Therapist as gold miners.
Therapists as psychic surgeons.
Therapists as awakeners.
Therapists as Seers.
Therapists as Listeners.
Therapists as Projector Screens
Therapists as Parental Reminders
Therapists as protectors.
Therapists as saving grace.
Therapists as Loving Reminders.

What are the roles you play?
What are the jobs you do?
What are the gifts you give?
How do you make people happy?

·      Observe Yourself.
·      Delete what displeases you.
·      Appreciate what is loving and true.
·      Choose always who and how You Want To Be!

I value us as we live as we are created to be!
Loving you and loving me,
Betty Lue