Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vows for Life!

I choose abundant life filled with gratitude and joy.
I give myself to love, trust and freedom to be.
I release all blocks to love.
I shine my light and see the goodness and Love.

Renew Your Vows for Life!

It is time to renew your vows to live.
Time to choose again to be alive.
Time to remember why you came.
Time to realign yourself with your values.

We volunteer to come to live our life fully and freely.
We choose how and where and what we are here to be.
We opt to live to help, to heal, to teach and learn.
We choose to serve our healing and higher purpose.

When we forget in the denseness of the earth, we lose our way.
We may become victims of the world’s confusion, conflict and chaos.
We may neglect the reason for our being, our body and our purpose.
We may even come to think ourselves as meaningless and inadequate.

Our work is to awaken and reclaim our authentic Self and life purpose.
Our work is to return to Love and remember our Holy Purpose.
Our work is to forgive our forgetfulness and neglect and choose again.
Our work is to reclaim our innocence and trust and be All that We Are.

When we realign with our Higher Purpose, we feel alive, alert and enthusiastic.
When we remember to forgive all grievances, we return to our natural state.
When we vow again to live and give abundantly, we find inner peace and happiness.
When we reclaim our Authentic Self, we realize we volunteered for this assignment.

Easter is a sign to remind us to awaken and enjoy what is given.
This Holy Day is an opportunity to see what can be when we remember.
This is a time to renew our vows to be here now with and for all.
And If we do not know the why and where and how, we can ask and listen within.

Life is meant to be a time of revelation and celebration.
Life is a gift of healing and setting ourselves free to be.
Life is an opportunity to uncover our eyes and open our heart.
Life is a constant reminder of what can be when we are free.

Take time to pause and listen to the Truth.
Unravel the meanderings of fear-based learning.
Relinquish the need to understand what is untrue.
Set aside the personality imaginings that are not you.

You are Who You are meant to be.
Within you is everything radiant for all to see.
Around you is the calling to serve with delight.
Your Gift is to free yourself to be All You are.

Live, Love, Laugh and be Happy!
Life offers you the amazing opportunities to create, serve, learn, heal, share, enjoy and laugh.
Life is present for you to amuse and amaze yourself with freedom to choose again and again.
Life is the gift you give yourself to learn and remember Who You Are.
Life is your space for practice and play, to create, affirm and pray.

Renew your vows to listen within to your Authentic Self.
You will remember “Life can be fun, safe and easy.”
Let us Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy!

Loving you and All as we Awaken in Love and Ascend together.
Betty Lue