Friday, March 25, 2016

Going Down or Up?

I learn from the “down’s” and bounce back up.
I choose my destination and keep going until I get there.
I let go of the old ways and renew my self again and again.
I came to experience abundant life and rejoice.

Good Friday is often seen a day of fasting and purification, as a reminder of the Holiness.
Good Friday, sometimes seen as God’s Friday, is a commemoration of the redemption of humanity’s innocence.
Good Friday reminds us that we can choose to practice “forgiveness” of ourselves and others.
No matter our faith or beliefs, we can choose which way we go today and everyday.

Which Way Are You Going?

Stepping into the elevator of life, you choose your direction.
Are you going down?
Or are you going up?
We choose our direction everyday with our thoughts, words and behavior.

Are we living or dying?
Are we lying down or standing up?
Are we crying and feeling sorry for ourselves or smiling and appreciating ourselves?
We can begin again today with a simple change of direction and attitude.

When we wake up in the morning our attitude sets our direction in motion.
When we wake up happy and enthusiastic, we set us up for a positive experience.
Everyone around us feels the vibe and sees our smile and hears our tone.
Those we encounter in person, on the phone and even in our thoughts catch the “up” direction.

When we wake up grouchy, tired or negative, it gets picked up by others.
We are infecting our home and workplace with our dark thoughts and negative interaction.
When we criticize others for what we feel, we are adding to the negative energy.
When we choose our own vibration and attitude, we can turn around what seems down.

We have a choice to go up, go down or stay neutral.
We can stop the elevator and turn the direction around by pushing a button.
We can push others’ “up” and “down” buttons with our intention and unconsciousness.
Perhaps it is time we take responsibility for what we do and say and m how we behave.

Being “up” during difficult times can make everything better and easier and healthier.
Being “down” can spiral ourselves and others down even farther to fear and darkness.
We can literally “make matters worse” with negative talk and hysterical reactions.
We can watch fear-based media and terrorize ourselves by focusing on the ‘down’ direction.

We are adding to our choices for dis-ease & fear or to well-being and love.
We can listen to people who bring us down or up when we talk with them.
We can support upward mobility and clear vision or downward fall and distorted seeing.
When we are emotionally reactive and contracting, we do not respond with enlightened vision.

Everyday we are in a place of choice.
We get up in the morning making a choice to be inspired or depressed.
We look in the mirror of our relationships with appreciation or criticism
We step out into our world with hope or despair.

The elevator of our consciousness is always going up when we are willing to say “yes”!
When we answer the call, we will inspire and be inspired.
We only need to choose to enjoy the abundant life that lives within and around us.
The time has come to forgive the past, open our eyes and see the dawning of light.

Loving our willingness. 
Together let’s say YES to Life!
Betty Lue