Thursday, March 24, 2016


I love myself as I am.
I free myself to be the best me I can be.
I trust myself to know what is right and true for me.
I respect and admire myself for doing what is highest and best for me.

Who Are You Copying?

Do you admire someone and follow what they do?
Are you copying what you have heard will be good?
Are you imprinted by those in your family of origin?
Do you believe what you hear from authority figures?

When we do not know what is right for us, we tend to do what we are told.
When we are afraid and resisting those we distrust, we tend to do exactly the opposite.
When we want to be like someone we admire, we tend to copy their behavior and mannerisms.
When we are unaware of those who have come before us, we often repeat their history unconsciously.

Animals and human beings tend to copy others of the same origin and history.
When we become aware, we can choose to continue the behavior or make a change.
When we know what is not right for us, we can conscientiously choose to break the cycle.
When we do not notice, we tend to go along to belong to what is familiar.

Children often take on the identity of their parents in name and behaviors and history.
Children may take on their parents’ emotions and fears, mistakes and self judgments.
Children may repeat their family history unconsciously often as an act of healing and love.
Children will seek to find a better way and make wiser decisions to find a better way.

We are the first generation to take the time and energy to assess what works and doesn’t.
This is the first time people have the opportunity to forgive the past and choose again.
We are the ones who will clear the past and choose for a future that is more awake and aware.
This is our opportunity to support and encourage a healthier happier, more fulfilling way to live.

Stop and look at whom you admire, emulate and desire to be.
Are you taking the time to see who you really are?
Have you begun to discover the gifts and talents you bring?
Are you willing to be true to your own unique way of being?

‘Copying is a form of flattery’, they say.
Copying may be the easiest way to try to live like another.
Copying may reflect your values and how you want to be.
Reflect on you and whether others want to copy you, too.

Do you copy to join with the latest beliefs?
Do you copy to make sure you don’t upset anyone?
Do you copy because you see it as right for you?
Do you copy to be sure you are not noticed or judged?

Set the highest standard you can imagine for yourself.
Give yourself the attention you need to do what is good for you?
Learn the alternatives to always doing the same thing.
Believe you can be unique and live your whole life in integrity.

Life gives us opportunities to discover and find our own ways.
Trust your Self and free your Self to be your Self!
Why not, go for it?

Love you as you are. 
Me too!
Betty Lue

I am hearing once again to listen to my own heart and follow the guidance therein.
I am trusting that what inspires and lifts me with joy is what I am called to do.
I am inviting you to do what is within you and your calling today and everyday.
I am knowing that this is our time to step out with love, freeing ourselves to be.

We are the ones who must  honor our  highest choices with prayer and voice and action.
Choosing a sunrise gathering this year at our Lake House!
With Freedom and Trust I let it all be.  
Betty Lue