Saturday, February 06, 2016

What Happened?

I choose to remember Love no matter what.
I am kind to myself so that I may be helpful.
I reach out with love and love returns to me.
I care and learn from everything and everyone.

When Bad Things Happen………

When bad things happen, what do you do?
When there is a tragedy, what do you say?
When you feel caught off guard, how do you react?
When you feel confused, hurt, scared or angry, how to you handle it?

Things happen without our knowledge, input or control.
Disaster, upset, disease, tragedy, death and stuff happens.
It is how we respond to it that matters.
It is what we think, say and do that creates the our experience.

When children fall down, adults can be frightened and scare them.
We can react with fear and make it dramatic.
We can wait and see what is needed.
We can allow them to respond to themselves as they need.

Children learn to react with great fear and upset.
Children learn to just get up and go on playing.
Children learn to cry out for help.
Children are open to learn from the reaction of the adults.

We adults have been imprinted and programmed by our own life experiences.
Some react to the unexpected by screaming hysterically.
Some calm themselves and look for how to help.
Some listen within and pray for inner guidance.
Some heal quickly and some retain the memory for a lifetime.
Some ask “Why me?” and constantly seek answers.
Some find someone or something to blame.
Some feel victimized and never trust again.

Most react with fear and some respond with love.
Many find it hard to heal physically and emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Some see the gift and the blessing and some look for the lesson to be learned.
Each one receives what they believe in and some simply ride the waves.

Humanity has the ability to explore and learn from everything.
Yet some learn to just deal with it the best you can.
Many look for prevention and most look for a cure or healing.
Each of us has the opportunity to deal with life’s challenges and experiences uniquely.

We can help one another by simply being present with kindness and compassion.
We can learn with one another by being of service and honoring everyone’s way.
We can understand each other by respecting all ways as we walk with them.
We can trust there is love within it all, when we remember to be present with love.

Loving everyone we join in healing and return to peace,
Betty Lue

May you be happy.
May you be safe.
May you be strong.
May you live with ease.
May you love yourself well.