Sunday, February 07, 2016

Just do it!

I respond to what I know is mine to do.
I clear the fear and resistance and give what I have.
I forgive withholding loving service from anyone.
Goodness and kindness respond with “YES” to all requests.

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If I see something needs to be done, it is mine to do!
If I have a question about something, it is mine to ask.
If I feel someone needs to be helped, I can find a way to be helpful.
When I see it, hear it or feel it, I am called to respond with Love.

Wherever I see a need, I am called to respond.
Whenever I feel a call for action, I am called to act.
However I see what can be done, it is mine to do something..
Sometimes just being willing is enough to begin the action.

Love in action is our willingness to do what is needed.
Love in practice is our trust that we can do what is called for.
Love in healing is our openness to allow healing to be given.
Love in consciousness is our faith filled and wholehearted prayer.

When we are not afraid, we can do all things.
When we live in trust, we free ourselves to give.
When we honor our inner voice, we follow the path of Love.
When we release our self made limitations, we rise to our highest potential.

Love guides us to care.
Love fuels us to serve.
Love removes all obstacles.
Love gives us the strength to help.

We can when we know we can.
We dare when we remove all fear.
We share when we receive what all we give.
We care when we see the other as ourselves.

What would this world be if no one did anything.
What would your life be if you didn’t participate.
How would you live is you didn't’ do something.
So why not do, help, give and share your best.

If you do the right thing, others will learn from you.
If you are willing to be helpful, others will help you too.
If you openly give your best, the world will be better.
If you do what you see needs to be done, you will feel fulfilled.

It takes so little to say “Yes” to every kind request.
It changes everything when  you begin what is needed to be done.
It awakens others when you start with where you are.
It motivates and inspires to reach for higher and better ways everyday.

So why not?............Just do it!!

Loving the doing in service of All,
Betty Lue