Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Enjoy Life!

I love myself and my life.
I choose to be happy with Who I AM and What I Do!
I live my life sharing my enjoyment with others.
I know I am here to be Whole, Happy and Free.

What Are You Here For?

What makes your life meaningful?
What is fulfilling and enjoyable for you?
How do you want to live?
What fills you with happiness?

If you don’t want to stay, why not leave and find what you do want?
If you have not found meaning in your life, why not create meaning for you?
If you are not enjoying life, why not choose what is enjoyable?
If you are not happy, the simplest choice is to choose again.

Some people are here to enjoy their lives just the way they are.
Some love to fix and change, reform and rearrange.
Some love to build and some like to destroy.
Some folks would rather create simplicity and comfort.

There is not right or wrong when we allow ourselves to do what is good and true for us.
When each one of us is living their lives in love with themselves and life, there will be peace.
When we each give ourselves the freedom to explore what is essentially good for us, we will be in love.
When we allow others to discover our own right way and live life in alignment, we will be happy.

Are we so focused on judging ourselves and one another that we are lost and confused?
Have we joined in fighting and forcing our brothers so that no one is safe and at peace?
Have we been called away to do others bidding, so now we forget how to simply live in love?
What can we each one do to live in love with ourselves with one another and the life we live?

We can begin today to look for those poignant moments of pure joy and inner peace.
We can scan our horizon and plan to be at home and safe within ourselves.
We can stop complaining about anything and choose again for what we can do.
We can be the happiest and most powerful beings when we live in love.

Life really is the opportunity to choose and choose again.
Time and space are our friend in the living exploration.
Where and how and whom do I want to be.
I am free to enjoy my life everyday with the thoughts I think and the words I say.

Life gives me time to choose and refuse, to work and to play.
Life shows me how to live by what I experience everyday.
Life offers opportunities to sing and dance and pray.
Life is a joy to me when I love being alive each day.

We have to take responsibility to stop and listen and choose what will be.
We are here to make the choices and give voice to what is good and true.
When we walk with a backwards point of view, we cannot see where we are going.
We must look forward with clarity and desire to see what can be for us to see.

Let go and step away from what is not for you.
Release and undo that which is not wholly true.
Give yourself freedom and trust in what is new.
Be the One to Choose what is Good to do.

Life is choosing what you would have it be for you.
Love Your Whole Self well.
Betty Lue

Here is one answer. There are many many more.
You choose!!!!

“You didn’t come here to fix things that are broken, or to know things you don’t know.  
You came because life on the path of least resistance is a delicious state of being. 
And you are in love with life, and you are in love with you, and you are in love with being in love with life.”  ---Abraham                     
Excerpted from: Boca Raton, FL on January 18, 2014     Our Love, Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)  

“Give yourself to Love.
And Love will give to you.
Live your life with Trust.
And Trust will see you through.”