Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Choose Wisely and Well

I listen to my conscience and choose consciously.
I make wise and beneficial choices.
I know what is right and true for me.
I immediately learn from my mistaken decisions and easily choose again.

Making Good Choices.

To choose well, we must be awake.
To choose wisely, we must be clear.
To choose Good, we must be at our best!
How do we make good choices wisely and well?

Learn to listen within.
Learn to let go of fear.
Learn to love yourself.
Learn to choose the best.

What makes you happy is guide.
What gives you peace is where to reside.
What feels kind to all is best.
When you choose with freedom and trust is right.

There is a place in you that knows what to choose.
Pause and take time to listen and write what you hear.
There is a wisdom and inspiration that guides you perfectly.
Quiet your mind to a space of peace and stillness to listen.

We are each offered an opportunity to be happy and free.
This is our inheritance and possible reality.
To choose what is highest and best requires letting of what is not.
To be stuck in seriousness, self indulgence and stuckness is to be undone.

We can only have fun and fulfillment in life when we choose what is true and what is right.
Step away and find calm in the midst of inner and outer chaos.
Undo what is untrue, unkind, unjust and uncaring.
When we choose the best for ourselves, it is easy to be kind and just, honest and caring.

Receive all Good and only Good as you give the same.
Honor the essence of you who is whole and good and Loving.
Be willing to step out of the mud and step to the top of the hill.
Seek always to do good, be good and tell stories of goodness.

Remember choosing wisely for you teaches others to choose the same.
Dumbing down and neglecting and forgetting you leads to forgetfulness for all.
Be willing to step up with forgiveness and faith.
Clear your mind to choose higher guidance and grace.

Choose wisely and well.
When you forget, forgive yourself and immediately choose again.
We all are learning to choose only the highest and best.
Respect your choices and forgive your mistakes.

Love works.
Choose Love and Joy and Peace!
Betty Lue