Friday, January 08, 2016

What Works?

 I work well for my Highest and best Self.
I release any need to depend on others to make my life work for me.
I do the work everyday to recognize and correct all errors in my thoughts, words and behaviors.
I no longer deceive myself with wishful thinking or unfulfilled promises or self deception.

January 8, 2016 Loving Reminders- 
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Are You Doing What Works?

If your life is working, Celebrate and Appreciate.
If your life is not working, wake up and do the Work!
If your whole life is working, relax and enjoy.
If your whole life is not working, take responsibility and do the inner work!

This is 2016.
I have been sharing these Loving Reminders for 19 years.
Everyday they are written and sent to you.
You can read the last 8-10 years at my Loving Reminders website.

The last two weeks of Loving Reminders, I have been sharing many helpful tools and techniques.
If you will do the work, you will see a positive change outside and feel the change inside.
Life freely gives us unlimited opportunities to do the work.
Trying to fix what is not working will be temporary.

Changing the way you think and speak will change you inside out.
Changing the ways you respond and make choices will change everything outside.
Negative and Limiting Habits, must be undone and changes.
You must be conscious and responsible for the life experiences you have.

This requires being present with what is happening now.
This requires letting go of everything that is not working for you.
This requires forgiving, not judging what is in your past experiences.
This requires choosing again and again for always and only what works.

You are the chooser.
If you do not fully choose, you will lose your strength and courage to choose.
You are the one who is creating the experiences you have.
If you victimize yourself with limiting, negative thoughts and feelings, you become lazy and depressed.

•  Take responsibility for your life and your choices or lack of choice.
•  Take responsibility for the outcome of your choices.
•  Learn form everything and everyone.
•  Be willing to easily let go of what doesn’t work for you and choose what does work.
•  Relinquish quick fixes, blaming others and feeling guilty.
•  Do the work to remind yourself everyday of your own responsibility to choose what is best.
•  Appreciate all that you do to create more good in your life and the lives of those around you.

It is time to love You!!
I do……Love You!
Betty Lue

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