Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best for You

What is highest and best for me is best for others.
With forgiveness I clear the fear and know what is true.
I easily undo what is not true and loving.
Love works in me and through me to be and do my best.

What Is Best For You?

When you do your best for you, it is best for others.
When you do your best, you do your best for you and others.
What is best for you really is giving the gift of You.
How can it be that we deny ourselves what is best?

Have you forgotten what gives you happiness and peace?
Have you set aside your own personal desires?
Have you forgotten what it is like to truly happy?
Are you losing your way in following others?

Do you know what you really want?
Are you able to quickly and easily write down you desires?
Do you make sure you are giving yourself the best each day?
Are you happy to please yourself and know it is good?

When we can know what is best for us, we are conscious and aware.
When we can easily honor ourselves without guilt, we are free.
When we can respect our responsibility to care for ourselves first, we can trust.
Fulfillment in life requires that we listen within and respect what we hear.

Those who commit to being their best, will give their best to others.
Those who listen within and follow will receive the greatest rewards.
Those who are fully aware and affirm what is highest and best, will be happy.
Those who live in integrity with their principles, values and mission, will serve the highest Good.

Discovering what is best requires experimentation.
Knowing what is best asks only that we listen to ourselves.
When you listen not to your personality/ego, you will hear your inner Source.
It is in you essential Self, your Higher Self, that you hear and know your highest Truth.

Temporary pleasure is not the Voice of Truth.
Be still and know the God in you.
Take quiet time and listen for the Highest Good.
Be willing to go deep into what is your path and purpose.

It is in living your Mission and Being On Purpose that you are at your best.
In every moment we are guided to live and give, heal and learn what is the Best for All.
It is in forgiving, deleting and erasing what is blocking our love that we know what is Best.
When we give All the Best to All, we have All the Best to give.

This is our Gift and Blessing to receive and to share.
This is our Home Coming as we simply live our Best.
Listening within and honoring our inner Guide offers a life that is fun, safe and easy.
Live in Love and you will know that Love is You.
Betty Lue