Monday, December 14, 2015

What Do You Value?

I want to remember my contentment is within me.
I want to live my life loving you and all.
I want to fully be who I am appreciating what I do.
I want to allow myself to do what is meaningful and live with gratitude everyday.

What Do You Value Most?

If you could have anything, what would you want?
If you knew you could have one wish, what would it be?
If you knew you had one more day on the earth, what would you do?
Are you living as though you and your life matter?

Most people want things they think will make them happy.
Many people want to go somewhere or find somebody to make them happy.
Some people want to avoid or clear up or get rid of problems and pain.
A few people want to make those around them happy.

People look outside themselves for happiness and inner peace.
People have been taught that happiness is transitory.
People are afraid to be happy because it might end in disappointment.
People often feel unworthy  of being happy when others are not.

You may think what you don’t have will make you happy.
You may believe what others have will make you happy.
You may want what is marketed and sold will make you happy.
What you really want is to be happy with yourself and your life.

When you choose true happiness, you find it is an inside job.
What you really want is an experience.
The experience has qualities that you desire.
You desire these qualities because you already have experienced them.

Look for what you really value.
Is being rich more important that feeling safe?
Would you rather travel or live in a harmonious home?
Do you want to feel free or restricted by the things you own?

There are many questions to ask yourself to find what you really want.
Explore, experiment and discover what is your truth.
Everyone is here to seek and find what is within themselves.
When you find what is yours to have and be and do, you will be fulfilled.

It is in our searching for what we really want that we come to know ourselves.
When we know what is ours to be and do and have, we are at peace.
When we are at peace, the desire for something more dissipates.
When we no longer have wants, we are content and at home within.

Life seems to be like chasing dreams, goals, people and things, until it no longer is.
When we are content or happy within, we seek to serve, to love and remember with Gratitude.
Consider this day and everyday you can have what you really want when you are clear.
Give up what is temporary and dependent on the ephemeral reality.

Loving you is my happiness and my way home.
Betty Lue

Why am I here?

What is my unique contribution?

What is my Primary Critical Success Factor? (The attribute/skill most contributing to success.)

What is my Primary Limiting Factor? (The attribute or skill that most holds me back.)

Values Clarification

____  Achievement
____  Beauty
____  Community
____  Control
____  Cooperation
____  Creativity
____  Education
____  Enjoyment
____  Environment
____  Excellence
____  Faith
____  Family
____  Fitness/Exercise
____  Freedom
____  Fulfillment
____  Happiness
____  Harmony
____  Health/Healing
____  Independence
____  Knowledge
____  Life Purpose
____  Loving
____  Marriage
____  Mastery
____  Money
____  Partnership
____  Pleasure
____  Recognition
____  Recreation
____  Security
____  Self-Image
____  Service
____  Spirituality
____  Travel
____  Truth/Honesty
____  Wealth

Virtue        = defining core values and not compromising on them.
Integrity    = how strongly and clearly you adhere to your values.
Zero-Based Thinking (evaluating the relative value of any object, activity, relationship):
“Knowing what I know now, would I begin / do / acquire this now?