Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Busy or Peaceful?

I give myself peace and joy today and everyday.
I trust that my love is received each day of the year.
I honor others’ requests with loving generosity throughout the year.
I celebrate reminders of Innocence, Hope and Peace on Earth during these Holy Days.

End of Year Busyness?

Are you super busy as the year ends?
Are you looking forward to the Holiday?
Are you dreading and waiting for them to end?
We experience what we predict and imagine.

Would you consider daily practicing  what you want?
If you want peace, choose Peace.
If you want Joy, choose Joy.
If you want quiet, choose quiet.

I know it may seem as thoughtwe need to go along with the flow.
Ir may feel like family and friends are sweeping you along with their choices.
You may want to not disappoint those you love.
You may even want the fun without the stress.

Stop expecting what you don’t want!
Stop imagining too much.
Start feeling the joy.
Start enjoying the love.

When you are not in the midst of traffic, chaos, shopping and busyness, pause and take a moment.
What do you really want to experience?
Begin to imagine how you can have enough time and energy.
Seek ways to share your best and forget the rest.
When at the effect of others’ expectations, we often get caught up in doing what they want.
When we forget our highest values, we may neglect giving what we want to share with love.
When we do what everyone else does, just because, we may not consider what we want to do.
Take time each day to stop and say to ourselves, “ What can I do to be happy and at peace?”

What is the message you want to share with others?
What gift is most important to give to those you Love?
How do you want to spend Christmas and New Years?
How do you want to share your love and gratitude with others?
What can you do to be helpful to your everyday world?
How do you let the store clerk, strangers, caregivers and neighbors know your appreciate them?
What can you do to create more joy and appreciation for yourself?
How much money, time and energy do you really want to spend?

If you are willing, write down what is most important to you.
If you are open, ask who and how you want to give to others.
If you are appreciative, how to you want to acknowledge your gratitude?
If you delight in spending time with others, what is your favorite way to have quality time?

This is a time to choose what is really right and good and true for you.
Loving each one of us for living and giving with integrity,
Betty Lue