Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Do You Do?

I forgive and erase what was with grace.
I see clearly what is right now.
I trust everything works together for good.
I learn and let go and let Good happen.

When Things Are Not Working for You!

What do you do when life is not the way you wanted?
What do you do when people are not what they seemed to be?
What do you do when everything seems to fall out from under you?
What do you do when what you planned shifts and changes unexpectedly?

Do you have a back up plan?
Do you have a way to settle yourself?
Do you have your own plan for peace?
How do you find a new normal or get settled again?

We do not know how to control our lives.
We do know we can choose how to respond.
We can explore ways to adjust to changes.
We can learn what works for us and what does not work.

Consider your own favorite paths to peace.
What books, music, friends, affirmations do you use?
What has worked in the past when you are upset or worried?
How do you manage to calm your emotions and get centered?

Understand how forgiveness can work for you.
Use the serenity prayer.
Give yourself freedom to express without hurting others.
Write down your upsets, sorrow, fears and anger.

Change the channel of your thinking.
Distract yourself with something enjoyable.
Find someone to serve or help.
Create something that inspires you.

When plans and people are changing, make other plans and find other people.
When what you thought was good is no longer good for you, seek something else.
When thinks fall apart and fall away, take stock of what you have and be grateful.
Forgive, erase and let go and then choose something new.

With dramatic changes, like, death, disaster and emotional devastation, feel your emotions.
Accept what is.
Let go of what you not longer want to be.
Choose again differently.

You can always look for and find the blessing, gift and good in everything, but it may take time.
You can always seek and learn a better way to be with change.
You can undo the myths, lies and attachment and  see the plain truth.
You can step away and heal and avoid whatever you see is not good for  you.

There is no right way to deal with life changes.
There is finding your right way which may change over time.
Just as children have difficulty with  transitions, especially if not informed. Adults do too.
Take the time to consider, educate and inform yourself about what could be.

Love yourself well.
Be with your own experience.
Seek what is best for you.
Learn from everything and everyone.

I am loving us all for being willing to learn, laugh, let go and love.
Betty Lue

Clearing Upsets of every kind.

Every upset is a past similar.
Every upset is triggered by some ancient unhealed memory.
Every upset is revealing a wound left unattended and misunderstood.
When we do not see what is real, we cannot heal what is false.

Every fear, concern, worry, hurt, judgment, resentment, guilt has a cause in our minds.
We make up the reasons for it all, when there really is no cause other than our choice.
To perceive is to conceive and believe and receive what we have chosen unconsciously.
We see what we believe and want to see. 

To expose our miscreations and misperceptions and misinterpretations is not what the ego wants.
We must acknowledge the resistance and do it anyway to clear the emotional/physical upset.
Our lives are projections of the unfinished business of history and humanity, yours, mine and ours.
We have the freedom and responsibility to clear it all with our willingness and spiritual work.

What we believe, we will see.
What we conceive and believe, we will achieve.
What we imagine, think and speak is being created.
What we forgive, erase, release and undo we clear and complete.

The Healing Work is to calm emotional reactions and listen to the peace in your heart.
Awareness with non-judgment is healing.
First, Reveal what you want to heal.
Observe your emotional reactivity and you will see what you have imagined to be.
Observe with neutrality and you will see what you want to be.
Here is a process that works beautifully to see what needs our attention!

Write a page or more of:
The real reason I am upset (concerned, fearful, confused, hurting, etc) is:
Continue writing responses until you are empty inside, until there are not more.

Read them slowly back to yourself, crossing off whatever you know is not true.
Whatever responses are left are calling for clearing, healing, forgiving and undoing.

Look for common beliefs that infuse them all.
Ie. I am not enough.  Life is hard.  I am not capable or loveable.
Rewrite the script with a new affirmation of the Highest Truth.
I am overflowing with Goodness.
Life is fun, safe and Easy.
I am loveable and capable.

Write the new affirmation 20 times daily for 14 days or more, until there are no opposing thoughts.
If you have trouble finding the resisting belief or writing affirmations, email me and I will help.

You know you are clear when you no longer, judge, resent, blame, fear or get upset.
You know when you have healed the obstacle to peace, because you are at peace.
You know when you can easily take responsibility, forgive yourself and choose again.
This is the beginning of the end of emotional reactivity and the beginning of loving response ability.

Life is good and all is well.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue