Saturday, October 10, 2015

Open Letter for Healing of Us All!

Whatever I see is a part of me.
I choose to return to innocence and live in trust.
I forgive all that is not good and whole and beautiful.
I give my life to seeing only goodness, wholeness and beauty within.

Is it time to write this letter to everyone in your world?
What needs to be healed and come to peace?
Where are you still holding guilt, fear and resentment?
Even the smallest piece of withholding love keeps us from true happiness and inner peace!

Join me by doing your own inventory!
Even if you feel you have always done your best……You can offer healing for others thru you!
Well worth doing, because it can save your life and more!
Love works!

Healing Our Judgments and Fears and Separation!

There is so much more than this, but this is a beginning!
When we do our work, we are doing it for everyone everywhere!

I am sorry.
I am sorry for lack of love anywhere or anytime.
I am sorry for separating you or me from the love we are.
I am sorry for questioning or doubting what you want.
I am sorry for imagining you are less than whole.
I am sorry for treating you any less than you deserve.
I am sorry for being caught in judgment and fear.
I am sorry for getting stuck in what others think or say.
I am sorry for not knowing and doing better.

Please forgive me.
Please forgive me for thinking unloving thoughts.
Please forgive me for distrusting your intention.
Please forgive me for hurting me and you with thoughts, words and actions.
Please forgive me for not hearing you and your needs.
Please forgive me for misinterpreting and misunderstanding.
Please forgive me for not knowing any better.
Please forgive me for getting in the way of our trust and freedom.
Please forgive me for taking things for granted and making assumptions.
Please forgive me for denying anyone exactly what they want.

I love you.
I love you for waking me up.
I love you for teaching me to listen.
I love you for being in this world with me.
I love you for being patient with my remembering.
I love you for allowing me to love you.
I love you for remembering we can find peace and love together.

Thank you for being you.
Thank you for reminding me we all matter.
Thank you for teaching me how to love better.
Thank you for showing me there is more to learn.
Thank you for receiving my love.
Thank you for being a gift in my life.

When we find ourselves in a place of judgment and fear, disconnection and alone, we can do this.
We are responsible for our experiences and we can change our heart by changing our mind.
We can when we want to.
When we want to we can heal our heart and save our selves and our creations flourish.

I am loving you, now and always, no matter how it looks.
Waking up is never hard to do when we truly care.
Betty Lue