Saturday, October 31, 2015

Play Your Part!

I play my part with gratitude and joy.
I trust myself to live life my way.
I think, speak and act in integrity with my own values.
I choose what I want and live it.

What Is Your Part To Play?

What is the costume you wear?
What is the act you put on?
How do you wear your face?
What is the language you use?

Are you acting tough or tender?
Are you playing wise or foolish?
Are you acting certain or doubtful?
Are you pretend to be strong or weak?

Do you play sad or happy?
Are you behaving willing or resistant?
Are you playing open or closed?
Are you acting thoughtful or thoughtless?

Are you a chooser or a loser?
Do you sing out or pout?
Are you playing to win or lose?
Do you play smart or play stupid?

Do you know you have a choice?
Are you aware that you can put on a new face and costume everyday?
Have you discovered you really are the puppeteer, costume designer and script writer?
You are never stuck, no matter what you might have been taught.

Once you learn that you can be whatever you want to be everyday.
You begin to choose the parts you play.
When your repertoire is expansive, you can choose your role at choice.
Explore, experiment and try out what feels right and good for you.

In each circumstance, you may adapt to what fits in or what stands out.
In every relationship, you can play the part that they want or what you want to be.
In every stage of life, you can be think and talk and behave in the way that works for you.
You begin to discover life is your playground, your stage of unlimited possibility.

Once we are free from the projections of others and our own misbeliefs about ourselves, we can choose.
Choose what you want to think and say and do.
Choose what dream you want to be true for you.
Choose how you want to impress or express or depress

Life is a grand dress-up party where people make up who you are.
Life is a costume parade of ways individually want to play to belong and fit in or stand out and be noticed.
Life is a joining of folks who are remembering they are unlimited in how they want to play.
Be awake and aware of what is just right for you and watch how it works.

Trick or treat everyday.
Show up. Pay attention. And Live Your Truth.
Whatever costume you wear, I see You, I know You and  I Love You!
Betty Lue